Monday, May 6, 2013

Buyers remorse? Never!!!

I'm not a purchaser who keeps the tags on long. I don't make a whole lot of returns... maybe even a tad dangerously over confident when it comes to home purchases. None of this means I am always right or that it is the best decision for the space I had in mind! And although I seldom regret buying something I like, I may move it around several times before I find the right spot for it! 

Where I struggle is marrying practicality and function with something I am excited to look at everyday. I have posted a couple times about our home office. We have spent a lot of time making it the way we want it and now that I spend more time in there writing to all of you, I find myself obsessing about it. After all, since I write more in there, I drink more wine in there and next thing you know it's like a lounge I have to love frequenting:) Pipe in the music, please!

Long story short. We needed a console area behind our desk to hold the computer "stuff". After searching for awhile and knowing our computer was coming any day, we decided on this modular system from Crate & Barrel. That could have been one of the reasons for my remorse because I feel like you can always find a better deal than furniture from Crate & Barrel! But alas, it was perfect for it's function and is gray which would go with our black and white office. But as soon as I got it in there, I wasn't feeling it... It seemed a little too plain and "office-like" for the look I'm going for in there. 

A few months back I started accenting with gold in the room. So I decided to doctor up my gray modular shelving and add gold to liven it up a little. Oh man, please let this turn out!! I am about to super glue spray painted hardware pieces to my Crate & Barrel purchase! My husband was looking at me the entire time like "don't f this up"!!

Here is what it looked like before!

The first step was to paint the silver hardware, gold. It would have much a easier job to spray paint the hardware if it were the kind you could take off! But lucky for me, Martha thought of that when she came out with all these small plastic jars of metallic paints! So glad she is a free woman so everyone's life is simpler again! 

The next step was inspired by Becky from Cup Half Full who got L shaped brackets from the hardware store to spray paint and adhere to the corners of a drawer on a Target table. This style of furniture with the brass corners is called "Campaign furniture" in case you love the style but are not a DIYer

Perfection! I have always loved Campaign Furniture. It reminds me of some of my parents furniture when we were young. 

The brackets are only about $1/piece and I got mine from Home Depot but I am sure you can find them at any home improvement store. They come in a silver chrome finish so I spray painted them using gold Rust-oleum metallic "pure gold". 

Here are all the products I used!

The brackets can be applied using a glue gun or any other fast bonding, super adhesive glue formula. 

And here is the end result!!

Oh and while I have the gold spray paint out I decided to also spray the legs of my World Market nesting tables across the room to balance out the look!


And... after:

Enjoy & Cheers!! {Laura}


  1. Love all this. I love campaign chests and the gold totally makes the brackets. xo Kristin

  2. I agree with Kristin! Love it all and it's looking fabulous!
    Those tables are so cool too!

  3. love this Laura! Your DIY's are inspiring!

  4. Thank you Kristin, Julia and Melanie! Thanks for commenting:) I love hearing from you, makes my day:)

  5. Love the gold! The credenza rocks, and so so the nesting tables!


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