Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring bling in colors you'll want to eat!

Well by now you all know I love to throw in some fashion finds when I diverge from the subject of decorating... Sometimes it time to work a little magic on thyself. So, I am going show you a couple great finds that I have succumbed to or that are on my list for summer. 

First off, my youngest boy Vince just got out of school for good this week... On my last day of freedom for a bit I decided I was gonna set out to get myself something fun. I ended up purchasing this very cool  bright yellow enamel ring set at Nordstrom!

This is from the Ariella Collection at Nordstrom. The set of 3 rings is only $38.00 and they come in an array of colors. It was hard to decide! I may just have to get another set at that price (or maybe just some lotion for those hands, gees)! 

These  rings come in 8 different colors!! Here are some of the colors I loved...

I am also a sucker for Kate Spade. I am loving all the color out right now. If you are one that sticks with the the "black is slimming" theory in your wardrobe, these jewels can replace a closet of bright colored jeans. These literally look like candy and every time I walk by the display at Nordstrom I want to bite them all... but then, of course, then think better of it. 

Love this color combo! And I am a total sucker for chandelier earrings. The bigger the better. These are the Marquee earrings and they are stunners. They also come in a yellow beige and white combo. Love!

These stunning Kate Spade drop earrings come in 10 different colors for $58.00. They are simple and stunning without being too fussy. A true classic in bold fun color. 

I love these Kate Spade over sized studs for $38.00. They come in 14 different colors! Here are just a few of my favs

Ah the most coveted for last! I have been wanting to get my hands on this watch for several weeks now. I really can't decide which color and since I have not been faced with the opportunity to purchase yet I still have time to think. The practical side of me says the black and gold but who am I kidding, I don't have a practical bone in my body!! Maybe pink?!? It is a little pricier at $225.00 but, it is a watch and they can be much pricier than this!! Here she is, the Kate Spade New York Skyline Bracelet watch! Boom! Look at all these colors!

Here I am trying on the black one last month. How do you like it?!? 

Enjoy & Cheers!! {Laura}

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  1. Oh, I want the white and gold Kate Spade watch. So pretty!! Have a great weekend!


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