Sunday, April 28, 2013

Filling wall space, on a budget

Sometimes you gotta get creative to fill space! Maybe it's your room with abundant wall space, a ledge around a room or even a big bookcase that needs some styling! The point is it can become costly and frustrating looking for the perfect fillers in the right color scheme and size. You have seen my ledge running all the way around our office. I feel like I have been filling space and rearranging in there for a least!! You may recall that my color scheme in there is black & white with pops of yellow and I have also added in gold touches in the last month. 

I found these note cards at Target. I am not sure if you have seen their section of stationary and notes lately but some of them are beautiful!! Here is one that caught my eye since it was black and had the gold foil stamped art. Would be perfect in my office...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our rustic modern bar reveal!!

I have posted about our toy room/ loft down in our basement and am still planning on showing you little by little how our basement came to be. But for today, the bar! We finished our basement (a big open dusty concrete slab) about 2 years ago. I have always loved modern design but for a basement with one window I wanted it to feel modern but also cozy and warm. I love a good juxtaposition in design. For this space, rough sawn wood siding on the wall, barn beams and re purposed mirror would be in stark contrast to some modern touches, fancy mirrored furniture pieces and crystal cut looking pendants. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inexpensive outdoor updates! It's spring!!!

Ahh Spring! If you blink you may miss it here in Indiana. But you better believe we Midwesterners anticipate it like our first born child. We get our mowers out and clean them, wear flip flops when its still 50 degrees and start bringing out our lawn furniture and grill before the last frost is off the ground. Its like the second definition of Hoosier Hysteria. 

So in the excitement of it all. I'm gonna hold off any project reveals inside my house to tell you what is going down in the patio furniture world. I have never purchased expensive outdoor furniture because I flat out don't believe in it. Our last set was from Kohl's with accents of World Market & Target thrown in the mix! There is no need to buy Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn or Frontgate furniture because places like Lowe's, Target, Kohl's, World Market and Ikea have borrowed the look and are charging a tad,  um, quite a bit less for it!!

Take for instance, these modern marvels... So in love with these chairs from Lowe's! Neighbors, you will see these coming out of the garage very soon!! These are the Tucker Bend Steel Patio chairs and they retail for $65.00. Not too shabby!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Off the cruise and into stretchy pants....

Cruise-goers, you know what I'm talking about here! You feel like you have been on a floating Ponderosa for 7 days straight and on top of that you are also feeling a tad dizzy! It must have been this lethal combination that lead me into "Ron Jon's Surf Shop"!  I know what you are thinking, why is she in a Ron Jon's?! Imagine 5 hours to kill with 6 kids in the Orlando airport surrounded by Disney themed shops, and a Ron Jon's looks like a Nordstrom! And low and behold, it didn't disappoint!! I found some treasures...

These pants are perfect for pulling on over a swimsuit or wearing to bed! Or... until you detox after a cruise! Love the ball fringe on the bottom! They come in several cute color combinations. The brand is Natural Life and these pants retail for $30.00

Saturday, April 6, 2013


The most famous mouse in the world will be holding us hostage for awhile! Have a magical week. Hope its magically warm & sunny when we return!

{Bon Voyage}

Cheers! {Laura}

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lulu & Georgia Rugs

I have seen these rugs on several posts in the blog world but wanted to share them with everyone! Great rugs, like a very cool piece of furniture or artwork, can make the room! A rug can be the splurge in the room but if it's perfect, it can so easily be your statement piece and set the tone for the entire room! 

I was first introduced to the Lulu & Georgia by my friend and amazingly talented stylist and fashion blogger, Melanie Knopke. She has an incredible following so check her out for sure! And she just happens to also know a thing or two about interior design and where to find some very cool things. This is one of the rugs she showed me awhile back as an option for her living room makeover!

Love the unexpected mix of colors. The pale pink color with the blues and gold is genius and I love the fringe and weave detail on the ends!

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