Sunday, April 14, 2013

Off the cruise and into stretchy pants....

Cruise-goers, you know what I'm talking about here! You feel like you have been on a floating Ponderosa for 7 days straight and on top of that you are also feeling a tad dizzy! It must have been this lethal combination that lead me into "Ron Jon's Surf Shop"!  I know what you are thinking, why is she in a Ron Jon's?! Imagine 5 hours to kill with 6 kids in the Orlando airport surrounded by Disney themed shops, and a Ron Jon's looks like a Nordstrom! And low and behold, it didn't disappoint!! I found some treasures...

These pants are perfect for pulling on over a swimsuit or wearing to bed! Or... until you detox after a cruise! Love the ball fringe on the bottom! They come in several cute color combinations. The brand is Natural Life and these pants retail for $30.00

The shorts are short but over a swimsuit or at home they are so cute and retail for only $18.00

These scarves are cute, come in a variety of colors, are perfect for spring and are just $16.50.

My friend Jenni got this super cute headband which was only $14.50! It has an elastic back so it fits tight around your head in the back and the ties hang down so you can tie them loose around your pony tail for the look of a long scarf. 

These headbands were $13.50 and also very cute with the knotted sides and the fun colors. 

This week I am working on putting together a dining room makeover for a client and finding some fun wallpaper for her powder room. I'm also hoping to reveal some progress on our office final touches! Hoping to get this all done and catch up at the same time from being gone all week....we shall see! In the meantime, this is a brief B&A project that I worked on while away...

Fairy Godmother with a British accent sprinkled some fairy dust laced with super strength gel on my 5 year old: 

This mother showed her what real princesses look like after the party is over...

Bippity Boppity BOO!! 

Cheers! {Laura}


  1. OMG, I saw those hair photos on IG! How did you solve that problem???
    And I love those pants, I think I need a pair. And I so wish I could wear shorts like that but then my daughter will ask me again what the dents are on my legs, which is proof that I shouldn't wear short shorts ;)

    1. Hi Julia:) yes well I didn't buy the shorts for the same reason!! That is hilarious!! Kids can put it in perspective, no sugar coating or filter there!!:)

  2. I am DYING laughing...hilarious. Hope you survived the cruise!

  3. Those pants looks insanely comfortable. Haha and her hair - oh man, I hope the tangles weren't too hard to get out.

    1. Lots if conditioner, no shampoo :) foreshadows proms to come!

  4. I love the pants am ordering them in the pink with blue pom poms.


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