Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Holiday Home(s) Tour

Well the holiday have snuck up on us and we both feel a tad underdressed! We have been like melting snow ladies in the blaze of smoking hot creativity from so many fellow blogger's holiday decor and we both feel like we came out guns semi loaded... but hey, we figured we gotta at least show a little of what we got, combo style! Since Erin was a cheerleader I will enter with "we got spirit yes we do…" Um NO, I played basketball and threw the shot put so I forget the rest of that chant! "Too legit, too legit to quit" was my basketball team song so we can go with that to enter. 

We both want to say Happy Holidays to our readers! Our blog is not yet one year old yet but we are excited to get some new things going in 2014 and hopefully learn some new tricks to help us keep getting better. 

So Merry Merry Christmas and we will see you in the New Year (Um that means we are taking a blogger almost blog-iversary break till the New Year:)!! I'm sure you will know what to do:) 

Cheers and Happy New Year!!
{Laura & Erin}

Monday, December 16, 2013

The elephant in the room.

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house,
Elf on the shelf has been flying to and from 'round the house.
The gifts have been wrapped with the utmost of care, 
Nine maids a milking 'til the in-laws are there.
One final weekend with friends for yuletide cheer, 
The perfect White Elephant gift? The search is here!

Everyone has someone in their family that is impossible to buy for, right? So in the search to find the "right" gift for that special/impossible someone, it is always fun to shop for a very wrong gift. Ah, the coveted best white elephant gift. Here's what I've found!

Hollywood Hotties:
I'll admit that the last five movies I've seen have been animated, so apparently I missed the boat on Nicolas Cage being a heart throb! Yes, this is an actual pillow case you can purchase on Amazon. And the best part is, there are several other Cage options!
Source, $15

Pola Roll
Doesn't everyone want to have a camera pointed at them when they're in the potty? Pola Roll to the rescue!

Source, $26

Face/Butt Towel
Although supposed to be silly, this gift actually may have some merit. I mean, when you think about it, it does make sense, right?!

Source, $19.99

Rotary Phone
Your kids may have no idea how to dial it, but a retro phone is always a hit.

source, $30

Prank Gift Boxes
Prank Packs are actually ridiculous gift boxes to put other gifts inside. Perfect for a white elephant party. You can put something funny and ridiculous in them or maybe throw the crowd for a surprise and put a nice bottle of wine in them.


source, $7

Sippy Wine Glass
Yeah, I'd fight for this. Genius and funny.
source, $20

Bacon Rug
Everything's better with bacon. Except maybe home decor. 
source, $15

Ridiculous Coffee Table Book
A coffee table book of really funny (and real) photos. 

Ab Hancer
Any item that prints a testimonial "chicks dig it" right on the box has gotta be good.

Personalized T-Shirt
And of course, the personalized white elephant gift. I mean, who wouldn't want a t-shirt with YOU on it?!

source, $20

Happy Shopping! {Erin}
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