Monday, October 28, 2013

Client Dining Room Update

Hi all! It's been a busy couple weeks! On my own home front, I'm breaking ground late this week on our front room which I talked about the plan for in this post! My secret feature wall using applied molding will be up first! I'm excited to get it started! 

On the client side, it has been a crazy month. I am staging a dining room next week that has been in the works for some time. Hopefully I can give the big reveal on that after we have it all put together next week. you are going to love the window panels!!!

My client master bedroom project is also moving forward! She liked the plan and we are working out the details now! All in time, all in time, right?!

Today I am sharing ideas for another client's dining room update. I am working on several things for her but we are starting in the dining area. My client has two very traditional pieces that she would like to keep in the mix as they are both very nice valuable pieces of furniture. However, she is open to painting them to update the look and bring them more in line with the style she likes. 

Here is a collage I put together of a possible plan for my vision for her space...

Since collages are not that easy to follow let me break it down for you. Below are some "before" photos of the hutch & dining table she currently has...

Overall I would say the look of her house is traditional but she would like to update the look. What to do, what to do?!? Well...and here is what they pay me the big money for :), if you wear a size medium don't try to squeeze yourself into a small. The same applies to design in your home. If you commit to a style, as in this situation where she is using traditional furniture pieces she already has, then rock that look rather than trying to make it something it's not! So, what the he%$ does that all mean?! That means I'm gonna suggest playing up texture and some pattern and using color that highlights the ornate details of the furniture she has. In other words, if you have great details then don't bombard them with a ton of color and busyness.

For the hutch (which is currently a sage green color) The suggestion would be to paint it white all over and then to use a stencil design to go in the back of the hutch display area. This is the Moroccan stencil from Royal Design Studio! This stencil design would be a definite possibility but for her project I would recommend using a darker color to really pop what we end up featuring on the shelves (see second photo for darker color combination)

This one is the chain length stencil by Cutting Edge Stencil Studio and I think this combo of color would be a perfect contrast to her white cabinet. 

As far as the table goes. I would suggest going black with the table and white with the chairs. I like the idea of the table being black because the table and the cabinet are the largest pieces in the room and so I think the contrast in color between the two would look more balanced. Plus I think the chairs in white would give a nice modern touch to the ornate detail of the back of the chairs (see her chairs above, they are beautiful!) The look would be something like this one below.
via: Pinterest

Then I would suggest doing a fun pattern on the chair fabric to introduce a more bold element to the overall look of the dining set. I found this fabric at a local store and fell in love with it immediately!! 

I also love the dramatic look of doing upholstered "head of the table" chairs to mix up the look. I love that these are a spin off of a super traditional wing back chair you would see in a living room. I also love the color of these chairs with the mix but I think you could also do a beige color as it would go well with the beige in the fabric above. 

For lighting I am suggesting a couple options. Either of these would be very cool in the room. 

I have always loved the look of these Orb lights. They are very transitional in my opinion and would look great over a dining table. 

I am also a huge fan of using a huge dramatic looking drum light. It's understated but is still sophisticated and can be used as a very transitional piece when you are trying to go between styles. 
via: Pinterest

You can't tell from the angle of the pictures that I took of her space but in the corner to the left of the table there is ample space to do some kind of cool mini bar set up. Now, I know my client's husband knows a bit about good wine. Not a wine-o like me but more a wine expert! The difference being that he knows a thing or two about seeking out great wines. Where as I just seek them out, never turning away the average ones:) Bar carts are super trendy right now and are a great option to having a bar like presence without having to go overboard. I love the idea of using the wall above the cart to display wine as art. The wine rack photo gives you an idea of how that look may play out! This is a simple but cool way to display some bottles and also fill some wall space!
via: Pinterest
Finally for paint options I like the idea of a silvery green color. The dining room wall does not have a clean break which means the back wall extends into to the hallway which goes to the kitchen. Because of this I need to be careful to choose a color that can transition well into a hallway and a color that transitions to the kitchen and front foyer as well. I love the idea of a gray blue. You see it used as a neutral A LOT. I am also a victim of the gray blue neutral right now. I think a silvery green paint color is just as neutral and has endless pairing options and is just a little more unique. Here are two options...
Benjamin Moore silken Pine
Benjamin Moore Misted Green
So what do you think?! Do you like the direction?
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Cheers!!! {Laura}

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black is the new black.. . Finally.

Black is often overlooked as a neutral.  Often when we think of a neutral palette, our first impulse is to think gray, white or khaki. But black is back in a big way in home design and the results debunk any preconceived notions we have about the color. 

Myth #1: Black makes a room feel dark. True, the color black is the result of a complete absorption of light. So it would make sense that a room painted black would, in theory, seem dark and drab. These rooms prove the contrary. Black is an almost subtle backdrop to bright colored furniture and accessories. 

photo via: Pinterest

  Coco Cozy

 Black used as a focal wall in this nursery has a grounding effect on the room, balancing the white wall and the bright yellow ceiling.

Black looks almost playful when mixed with these candy colored tone for a child's room.

Myth #2: Black makes a room look smaller. Of course our black leggings and black skinny jeans make our bums look smaller. With a closet full of black, I am in no way debunking this theory! The effects of black, however, can be different in decorating. In these two bathrooms, the use of black lets you focus on the details of the vanities and accessories. The walls almost disappear making the room feel larger.

Interiors by Studio M

The same effect occurs in these dens. The books, furniture and accessories take center stage with black walls. The black makes the room look cozy, but not small. 

Black is also a great way to show off architecture. The black crown moulding and walls juxtaposed with the white ceiling accentuates the detail. 

The black walls in this room accentuate the architecture of the fireplace.

The black in this bath helps your eye move to the detail and beauty of the floor.

Black is the perfect backdrop to accentuate this gallery wall.
photo via: Pinterest

And the black works in harmony with the other neutrals in these rooms.

photo via: Pinterest

Are you brave enough for this neutral? {Erin}

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Does The FOX Say?!?

If you don't know what the fox says, you best find out! It's a valid question and since the fox hasn't quite got the physical presence of something like a moose or deer then you may not think of him as part of this taxidermy craze that's been going on in design either. It would have never occurred to me to mount a little fox head above my fireplace. Just not the same effect! But the fox has got something alright and I kinda like his slyness. You decide if you are gonna let the fox speak to you!

I was in Target the other day and came across these notably fox worthy bar ware items....

Or what about these cute fox inspired Target items?! The fox fits right in with the big bad elephant (the elephant says "toot", by the way) and the zebra!

Look at this little VIXEN!!! Did you know that a vixen actually is a female fox?!? Look it up! My husband just came in and gave me that little tid bit of fact! Fits right with this cute little getup. I think this costume is adorable!! I wish my daughter would let me "fox" her up in this little number. 

Also recently had a fox sighting in Anthropologie! If you follow me on Instagram you saw me post this cool knob!

Fox Hook

And of course if you search Etsy for foxy finds you will never come up short on creative ways to show off your fox obsession!

LauraFrisk on Etsy

LoopyLolly on Etsy

Simply Batty on Etsy

If you have not seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, you need to! My kids love it although it has more adult humor in it then anything else. There is a shop on Etsy called The Black Sheep Studio who makes these cute prints inspired by this movie and I think they are so stinking cute!!

 The Black Sheep Studio

 The Black Sheep Studio

The Black Sheep Studio

Could you not see a boy's room done in these cool prints or a very fun office with the fox prints above from Loopy Lolly?! Who is gonna let me do a room inspired by the fox?!

There are some places the fox should not go.... For me, this is one of them. Lets keep the fox obsession on the outer garments please!! For the record, not my bum... for better or worse, it's just not! 

Happy fox hunting!

Cheers!! {Laura}
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