Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Client Master Suite Makeover Plan

Hi everyone! I am really excited about a client bedroom makeover I am working on right now! I feel like from the moment I pulled in her neighborhood and up her long driveway, I knew this was gonna be right up my alley! The home is a late 70's tutor style house. It is surrounded by a huge yard and a gorgeous mature tree line in the distance....pretty much our house's polar opposite! You always want whatcha don't have, right?! Anyway, they have made some very cool updates which I would love to come back and feature on a home tour. Basically she just has some rooms in the house that she has never gotten to as far as decorating goes and with a house this stunning, I am up to the challenge!  Plus, you know when you just hit it off with someone, right?! 

OK so she was in love with this bedroom done by designer Jeff Lewis on his show, Interior Therapy. Please, watch this show, by the way... It is hilarious! 

She wants her bedroom to be a retreat, a place to relax and unwind after her baby is down and her workday is over! I would say her style is more traditional than modern but some of the upgrades they have made in their house demonstrate they are not afraid to be a little edgier. Plus she's a Chicago girl with a little pep in her step and so I thought she may need the right amount of color pop to liven up her classic and serene bedroom plan. 

Here are some initial plans... 

The bed you see in the middle of the collage is her bed that she has in the room. The other furniture in the collage are ideas of things that I feel would compliment the style she has existing. Right now they have a long espresso wood color dresser with great lines and great hardware. I'm recommending they paint the dresser a grey color and spray the hardware a gold finish. 

This dresser is very similar in style and hardware to the one they currently have so this is an idea of how it may look. 

This is a mirror that I found them in an antique shop that I love and think would look great over the dresser. It is huge and in great condition and get this....only $99.00 before any negotiations, that is!

Her bedding is the standard hotel style bedding as it stands which I love for this type of look and so I think it is great to keep that look but to layer it with some pattern and color on the pillows and maybe a throw at the end of the bed. 

I love adding pattern and color in a rug for a bedroom. I feel like it warms the room and anchors the furniture. I put this one in the bedroom collage because I love the classic look and the color scheme.

And I also love the idea of doing a soft blush/pink drape with this color scheme. Pink, in my opinion, is the most under utilized color in decorating. It can be just as neutral as doing a gray or beige panel with this colorful rug but the blush color gives the look a much warmer, more sophisticated look than just doing a usual gray or beige. And in my opinion it doesn't compete in the least bit on color. 

So what do you think?! Are you liking the direction thus far?! Let me know what you think 

Cheers!! {Laura}

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  1. Laura, I love where this is going and cannot wait to see the finished room! Love the bed that she owns, too...so unique. And I totally agree with everything you said about pink...it's so subtle and doesn't always have to be "little girls" room. Love!

    1. Thanks Jesse! Yes I need to get some pale pink going on in my house!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love everything in your mood board! The pink and rug are my favorites. Looking forward to see the finish room ;)

    1. Thanks cristina! I'm with you on the rug and drapes! Have always loved that rug and have been waiting to use it somewhere!

  3. I'm excited now too! It will be amazing and I can't wait to see it.

  4. I love the ideas you have in mind! That rug is gorgeous. Excited to see more!!


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