Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

I ordered these boots about 4 months ago and I get so many compliments on them! They are so comfortable and very unique! These are "Old Gringo" brand boots. I ordered them from Zappos. They were on sale for $384 from the original $550 so they aren't cheap but they are worth every penny! I will say, some of their boots are pretty outrageous but these are so cute and the perfect amount of embroidered detail. I wear them over skinny jeans all the time. And I can't wait to wear them with sundresses in the spring and summer. Best buy of the year! Love love love them!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Goods shopping trip!

Short and sweet post. I found some good deals at Home Goods this week! That place is like Target, you're not getting out of there with only the one thing you set out for. I, of course, didn't need these but they jumped in my cart. What do you think?!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Painting Trim Detail & Fun Patterns

Before I start I want to say thank you to all of you who have emailed saying you tried to post a comment. As it turns out I only had the comments option turned on for members of the blog and not just anyone viewing it! It is all fixed now... I think! technology!!

One of my last posts was about unique trim detail to add interest to a room. Definitely a solid idea....but it costs money and is more a commitment when it comes to redoing a room. So lets go less expensive and much less permanent... Paint! It is affordable, no saw cuts that require God forsaken mathematical equations and no nail gun (which is where the more permanent reference comes into play)! Paint CAN be painted over, so there is no need to worry if you don't love the color or mess up a line. Paint is like the no brainer of decorator basics. You have to use it, it will transform a room like nothing else you can buy and anyone who has set aside a budget, big or small, can afford to use it.

I will show you several projects we have done to replicate the look of trim using paint and also some decorative techniques that can look like wallpaper without the cost.

To start I had the idea to paint my oldest sons room to look like rectangular trim wall frames. The bedrooms in our house are pretty generic, no crown and no trim work. This technique adds dimension and takes time but is easy to do. Here are some photos and then I will describe how to do it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen was "just okay", when we decided to give it a little face lift. You won't be seeing a dramatic before & after where an old useless kitchen is gutted and old outdated materials are replaced with new. The layout worked, we had decent, cherry stained cabinets and carmel colored granite counters. But what I envisioned was lighter, painted cabinets with a more modern face, brighter and simpler patterned counter tops, a brighter back splash, a more dramatic hood area and a new sink that was not stainless! So a pretty thorough face lift I guess:)!

Here is a before photo... I didn't get it photographed before they started doing work in there. In this photo you will see a void space where there was a wall mounted microwave with glass door double cabinet above it.



Monday, February 4, 2013

My "sacred" moment

2013 family resolution, get back to church. We were on a role for awhile and then we had baby #3 and took a hiatus for, well, 4 years:) We are back though! Last Sunday we listened to a guest speaker talk about discovering your most "sacred"  moment in life. Several moments came to my head; marriage, birth, graduation etc. And honestly I didn't think much more about it until I was looking at some pictures later in the week and came across this one. I've seen it a thousand times but this time just cried, that deep in your gut cry. I knew it, this was it. Right there, captured in this picture snapped in the baby house one of the days visiting Harris.

Then, of course, I had a mother's guilt... I have been given three very special gifts and each one have felt like a sacred moment. After thinking about it almost all day, I realized that this was a moment that not only changed who I was going to be going forward, but was the experience that challenged every bit of who I had become thus far. It was a pure fearless, uninhibited leap of faith. The kind that your heart controls, not your mind and especially not my crazy type A mind:) It was a different kind of leap of fate than marriage, when you are committing yourself to the person you have loved through a part of your life already. At 25 it was the bravest thing I had ever done, although I don't think I realized that until just the other day. And finally it was just pure and utter joy and fulfillment. The kind I might have missed if I would have experienced having a child the way I planned in my mind since the beginning of time. It was the first time I turned my head away from the closed door behind me, so that I could realize there was an open door right in front of me.

Everyday Harris reminds me to look forward. He represents faith, heart in your hand love and the possibility that fate always wins.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's all in the details...

...And the detail can make the room. I think there are two things that can transform a house from being ordinary to unique. The first is a great color scheme, and the second is unique detail in the woodwork, even if its a small effort.

We don't live in a custom built house so I am always motivated to do something unique in each space to make it feel unique and not like every other house on the block! And that's the stuff that makes you appreciate your house- the details you add, not what was in the package when you moved in.

With that said, this molding photo below was actually build this way in our house when we moved in:) However, I am showing it because if you have the skinny single piece crown molding at your ceiling, this is a inexpensive way to create the illusion that you have thick, custom woodwork!

So basically what you have here is the standard crown molding where the wall meets the ceiling. Then there is a space, which is just the wall painted in the gloss white to match the trim. Then you end with a skinny piece of trim and magically you have the illusion of a very thick piece of molding!!

If you are building a house or you have the budget to replace or add trim to your house, take the time to get on Pinterest or Houzz and search for unique trim ideas. There are tons of ideas and this type of detail can go a long way in making your house unique.

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