Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

I ordered these boots about 4 months ago and I get so many compliments on them! They are so comfortable and very unique! These are "Old Gringo" brand boots. I ordered them from Zappos. They were on sale for $384 from the original $550 so they aren't cheap but they are worth every penny! I will say, some of their boots are pretty outrageous but these are so cute and the perfect amount of embroidered detail. I wear them over skinny jeans all the time. And I can't wait to wear them with sundresses in the spring and summer. Best buy of the year! Love love love them!

This next one is the oversized bag carriers, dream come true!! I have always been drawn to big bags. I can't get away from them no matter how inconvenient it is to have a huge purse running around with little kids. I got this phone clutch by Michael Kors ,from Stein Mart of all places, this past Christmas. They are around $79 on the official Michael Kors site and they have a ton of different styles. I paid around $50 at Stein Mart and I have seen them on Amazon for around that same price- just be aware there are some "Michael Kors like" knockoffs out there too. It is perfect for holding my debit card, ID, flat key card and phone. When I run in to drop my kids off at school or want to run in to the store, I grab it out of my purse and go. It comes in several patent leather colors and snake skin. I can talk on the phone, leaving it in the case, and it protects the phone without having to have a cover. Love this!!
 The next is actually for the littlest fashionistas. I honestly wish I had a pair of these boots but know my time is past on charcoal gray sequin high tops:) So, Stella shall have them and I can live vicariously through her! These Sketchers numbers get so much attention. They are a blinged out and very tall version of Chuck Taylor's and they are adorable. I got hers are Nordstom but I'm sure you can find them anywhere they sell Sketchers. And no, you don't have to re tie them each time. They zip down the side for easy on and off. My son Vince has on the no tie Converse Chuck Taylor "Easy Slip" shoe. We got his at Nordstom as well and they are so cute with straight leg jeans. Love little boys in Chucks! He looks like a little bike courier in them:)


Love these initial rings from "Uncovet"! Wanting to order them in the initials of my kiddos. They are so delicate and subtle and a little more unique than the letter necklace charms that have gained so much popularity. I ordered and love their infinity stacking rings in brass. They are so cute! I wear them on my middle finger of my right hand and they look good mixed with my other white gold rings on that hand.

Looking for a personalized baby boy gift? There are so many cute baby girl things, these onsies deserve a shout out. I found this shop on Etsy. She has so many cute fabrics!! I bought the two in the first picture for my best friend's little cute babe, Luc. I bought his in her autumn/winter fabric line but she has fabrics appropriate for every season. You can do initials, a name, birthday number etc. And she has cute little leg warmers to coordinate with the tie prints. Check her out! Chic Couture Boutique

I tried to show how HUGE this bag is but I couldn't quite capture it to show the size in all its glory! This is a tote design by Taylor Madison Designs. It is 16.5 inches wide and over 16 inches high! It is fully lined on the inside. I found it at Marshall's for around $14. This is the mother of pool bags!! I think I could fit all 5 towels, plus pool equipment in this baby! 

On the bag subject, I have these "thirty-one" lunch bags for all my kids and I have loved them. They have cute prints, are very reasonable and they fit the big square preschool Tupperware container that Vince has to take his lunch in for school.

And if you are not into paying Pottery Barn prices for your kid's school backpack, check out these very durable and super cute backpacks by Company Kids. They have a preschool/toddler size and then a regular kid's size. I got Vince's on sale during their "back to school" event for like $19 which included the monogramming. I think the regular prices for these ranges from $29-39. They have lots of little pockets, are fully lined and very nicely made. Check back late summer for their new patterns they bring out each year. We loved out little pirate one and I plan to buy him the bigger one for next year!

Ladies this ain't your mothers Roomba!! This is a new and improved, I-Robot Roomba 780, fully programmable, fully amozing!! If you have a dog, you are going to love this. It just happened to be my Valentines gift this year! And if you are thinking there is anything more romantic than your husband taking some vacuuming off your list, you haven't been married 10 years:)! This thing will go under your dusty beds, under cabinets and chairs and can actually detect higher dirt areas and will run back and forth several times over those areas. I can set it up to clean a room or several rooms when I'm gone and when its done it goes back and parks on the charger so it's ready for next time! Seriously, a dream thus far....

This beauty is an Allen + Roth 18 inch round, bronze hanging pendant sold at Lowe's Home Improvement Store, only $179. I purchased it over a year ago to hang in my sons room and am thinking of getting it for my oldest son's room as well. I get so many compliments on it and several people have asked if it is Restoration Hardware or Ballard Design. The picture doesn't do it justice! It is a substantial size, perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or over a small kitchen table. It is made well and looks far more pricey than it is! You should check out all of "Allen + Roth" lighting if you are in need of lighting on a budget. They have a lot of knock off looks for less!

Germaphobes, this one is for you!! I put these Anthropology letters, which are on sale for around $8.00 now, with Hobby Lobby hooks below to hold a hand washing, mouth wiping towel for each kid in their bathroom:) You better believe they would never in a million years put their mouth on any other towel but their own in the lineup! And they learn a few letters on the side:)

Ok so there you have it. My current favs list! More to come as I find more products I love and can't live without:) Cheers! Its 9:00pm...Time for a glass of wine...



  1. Cute post! I NEED one of those vacuums!

  2. so fun running into you at the heroes gala, Laura! i saw jenni comment on this on fb and had to check it out- lots of great finds here... would have LOVED this vacuum as a valentine's gift- so romantic :) anything is romantic if it means that I do not have to be the one vacuuming the dog hair!!!

  3. Hey Anne (and jenni:) thanks for checking it out! Was good to see you too! We had fun and of course paid our dues the next day:) yes the vac is great! U still have to use the regular one, of course, but with dog hair that is constantly falling it is a great thing to run while you do other stuff! Hope to see u again soon.


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