Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unique & Unconventional Color Combos

I love color! I have been consulting on color for years and I love the way it can completely transform a room. If you follow me on Pinterest you may notice that these are several of the rooms I have pinned under my "Unconventional Color Combos" board. I am always looking for unique ways to mix colors. A paint color on the wall introduces a good background for your canvas, but don't stop there!! Many people neglect all the possible colors you can add to compliment your paint color. Matchy matchy looks good when it is executed right as a very bold statement when you are playing up texture and pattern. But if that is not your intent than don't feel like you have to run out and buy every fabric and accessory that has a shade of your paint color in it. Below are some examples of rooms taking a chance and resulting in bold and unique greatness!:) 

Love!! A light an airy robins egg blue paired with a bold yellow and citron green. You have two brights playing well together because the blue is bright but subtle and easy on the eye and then you have the yellowish/ green tones that are sharp and bright and pop off the blue, even though it too is a bright color. The hot pink pop is also genius! You could do that pop in an accessory or pillow too and it would look great! 

Eclectic and brilliant! The two main colors being paired here would be the coral (orange/red) and the pinkish wall color which could even be a slight lavender and it would be perfect either way. I love this one because it goes to show that pinks (hot or pale) and purples (lavender or plum) are not just for nurseries and little girl's rooms. The other color I love mixed in this very eclectic mix is the gold, in several varying shades. 

OK well if you have been reading long enough you know I love deep purple. I have a whole master bath the color of the rug above. I love the navy blue and purple pairing in this bedroom! I also love the layering of the color purple. You have a very bold statement in color with purple so to pair it with the blue and then mix in shades of purple to give it depth, you don't have to worry about overloading the eye. It is still a cohesive look but using the different shades of purple adds dimension and warms it up. 

Another great reason why pink is not for babies!:) This emerald green couch makes a way bolder statement against this wall color than if it were against a gray or brown wall. Although with that said I do love that she has used gray and brown as neutral mixers to anchor the other colors. I always tell people that those two colors can be used like white or beige as a neutral color that mixes well with anything. And the great thing is they can be used together and it looks great.

Always been a huge fan of pairing teal and red!! If you are looking for other colors to add consider adding pops of citron and navy. It looks like the fabric on the chairs may be a citron green color. 

Or perhaps a minty green teal with raspberry...ohhh. Notice the brown shades? In this case, you have a bold color pairing and the brown is a good neutral color to introduce the pattern without making it look to busy!

How about having an emerald black and white room and then adding a punch of bright yellow! Perfection! 

Red and blue, not just for the flag folks!! This bold color combo works as a simple pairing of two colors but the interest lies in the pattern play. Splendiferous, as my daughter would say:) 


One of my favs for last!! Love the color block panels! It introduces the scheme in a very simple yet bold way. I love that the walls and the major furniture pieces are white and then you have all your color in the pillows and accent chairs. Brilliant! I also love the black balanced with the lighting on the ceiling and the black rug. 

Hope you enjoyed! Cheers! {Laura}

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