Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

So many people are surprised when I say, "you should check out Meijer for home goods... the grocery store, you say"?!? Secrets like this reveal themselves to you in your mid thirties, when you have a few kids hanging from you and you realize that "multitask stores" were invented for "your kind" and you learn to embrace them, for all they can offer. Here's how a conversation may go... "Listen, loves of life, we need to grocery shop (we have the credit card, although technically that part is to yourself) and we also need to wonder over to the home accessories. There is a toy aisle in it for you if you behave"!!!" Yes, this is the same convo that you also have at Target... a lot! But every once in awhile, give Meijer a chance  too! Their groceries are way better and you can still enjoy some "grab & tuck" finds (def: a home "necessity" becomes buried in a grocery bill). 

So there you have it...the confessions of a shopaholic...or a deceitful wife and bribing mother:) In any event, this is what I uncovered, in one random unplanned trip the other day...

I would totally buy this for a little boys room or a rustic, modern room. This is something you could easily find at West Elm as a fun accent pillow but this one is far less!

These next ones aren't necessarily my style but would fit well in a coastal looking room. I love the raised embroidery that makes them seems far fancier than their price!!

I had to take a shot of these. Not the best fabric I have ever felt but this pattern and color scheme is very popular and you may just find it for double the price at any home store right now. This is a popular look done on a serious budget!

I love love love this!!! They have the same mix and match lamp deal going on as Target. So that is a shade that I just stuck on a base they had there. The shade looks like you found it at a far more posh store than Meijer! I love the color of the base too!! I just had to take this one home!!

This was the cutest little shade! Leopard detail on this inside. Loved the texture and the twine looking banding! Super cute!

These mercury looking glass lamps have been in and out of all the major places like Pottery Barn and West Elm...Meijer isn't charging as much...

These last two are stools I have bought in years past at Meijer. Both have served me well and the ones in the bottom photo open and I store throw blankets for the basement couch in them. 

Apparently,  Eddie Bauer is making some cute preppy little boys attire for Meijer now, who knew!!

And yes, you can find cute little girl clothes anywhere but I thought this little dress with the grosgrain ties and trim on the bottom was pretty cute for a quick grocery run pick up! And I love little crochet shoes! Who can resist those...and a small and therefore super easy tuck in:) 

On top of all these great deals, a friendly senior citizen greets you at the door and looks at your kids in that pleasant reminiscent way that reminds you someday you will look back lovingly on these days and forget all the tantrums that occurred in the aisles:) Is that even possible?!? Praying for no school delay as I stare at this blizzard out the window! that I said that I'm picturing a senior citizen looking at me!!

Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Oh. my. goodness. I need that store. Love the preppy boy clothes!! xo Kristin

  2. Where are you located? I thought Meijer was everywhere!

  3. Wow- those lamps are so gorgeous! I'm always a fan on the varied pattern on the inside and outside of the shade! Great finds!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  4. Hey Holly, Thanks:) Yes, especially when its leopard!

  5. Those coastal pillows are calling my name! i love the tan/white combo!

  6. What?? We do not have that store round these parts. Hmmm... love it all ESPECIALLY the stag pillow. Oh how dangerous would grocery shopping be for me!!! ...-Ann (

  7. Hi Ashley! Yes I love the coastal look-very refreshing and warm!! As I sit here in my down coat freezing to the bone:) I could use a little beachy right now!! Thanks for commenting. I am heading over to your blog to check it out!!

  8. Hey Ann!

    Yes, Meijer is like a cross between Walmart and Target! Ya I love the stag pillow! You know the Midwest...we get all the great stores:) haha!!


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