Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buried in Fabrics & Paint Colors for Jenni's Kitchen Facelift

I am helping my dear friend Jenni add some color & window treatments to her kitchen, breakfast nook & family room area. I was her Valentines Day present from her husband:) Normally husbands are not inclined to buy me for their wives but I felt comfortable with the transaction...we are just talking about decorating help!! 

Anyway, I love to help her because her style and house are more traditional than mine so it challenges me to think in terms of what is best in the space rather than what I am first drawn to by habit of decorating my own place. She has done a far better job decorating than she gives herself credit for and I'm hoping that I picked some fabrics and colors that are "very Jenni" because her house shows her personality which is another reason I enjoy helping her. She has an opinion and she wants to make it a unique and workable space for her, not me:)

OK so here she blows. I have a million fabrics flying around here. I have paint chips stuck to the bottom of my shoes like toilet paper! This is the start of the madness....and also by no means the end. I could look at fabrics for days. But this is what has resulted in two trips and is just some suggestions for direction to start!

We have a lot of light and a ton of windows to work with in this area. There isn't a ton of wall space and a lot of ornate detail in the cream colored cabinet woodwork and tall dramatic windows. I am thinking we can pull off one of the deeper smokey shades of these blues. I have a ton of blues I am looking to see in the room but need to look in person.

I loved this fabric when I saw it. Love the subtle pop of citron green. The pattern print forms a circular design that is repeated. It would look awesome as a long dramatic panel on some tall windows she has in the family room joining the kitchen. It I think it would look awesome with her pillow design and a rug I'm also recommending. 

Above is one of her existing throw pillows on the fam room couch. 

Here are a couple possible rug ideas for the family room.

The blue and green could serve as a good cushion fabric if they decide to do the build in bench seat under the windows in the breakfast nook. The green fabric would make a great roman shade or cornice board over the breakfast nook windows. 

I love this plaid fabric. I don't know why but I do. If she loved it too we could totally work with this as a seat cover or some other accent fabric!

This red fabric below I found today. It is more traditional than the other red fabric and more whimsical which could work in a kitchen area. The green could still make a good color in the joining family room area maybe to replace the other red fabric choice for panels. The plaid would look fab on the cushion at the table too or you we could even do the little green animal print which would be fun!!

Oh the possibilities... Guess we will see what my client thinks tomorrow!!! 

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Yay!! I love this post and I'm so excited!!

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