Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Hanging Basket Pendant

I used to work helping people put together nurseries and baby bedding at a store locally. One of our bedding lines was Serena & Lily. Their bedding is so stinking cute but very expensive! They also have home decor and furniture. Some things are very truly unique and worth the splurge and some are really not! I always admired this hanging basket from their lighting. Its an oldie but goodie as I think I saw this at least a couple years back and they still sell it. The price for this baby is $245.00 or a set of 2 for $445.00. What?! I know, right!! Scroll down for the DIY version.....

I looked at that S&L basket a lot as many people loved it but no one ever ordered it! I thought, "how could this be different from a basket turned upside down with hanging light kit strung through it. Then I was in Hobby Lobby one day and they were doing their 50% off the baskets section. I saw one I thought was a very cool weave and unique shape. So, what was there to lose... the basket was $25.00 and you can get a hanging light kit inexpensive at a hardware store.  Harris has been using it by his bed for the last year or so and it looks pretty cute! If you wanted more the look of the S&L basket you could probably find one with a more open weave too. And I'm still pretty sure you won't be anywhere near $245.00!!

Here are some behind the scenes photos since I made this long ago I don't have the before and after photos to show!

I saw these fun color corded hanging lights when I was looking too. These would also be fun for a little color cord for the basket to hang from!

So that was supposed to be the end of that post until....
I almost died because I came across this brass ring lamp when I was looking for an image of the basket pendant on their site! This Serena & Lily lamp retails for (hold the phone) $595.00. What?!?!?!? Yes, it does!!.... 

And the reason I almost lost complete heart functioning was that just last night I came across this gem in Marshall's for $29.99. And, furthermore, I like their black shade with the gold base better anyway! I obviously bought it...

Oh and just a little thing but worth a mention to get my point across... This big euro sham has also been around for forever at S&L and matches some cute striped bedding they have had for some time. 

I saw these pillows (exact same size) for a third of the price (and that includes the pillow form) at Marshall's also. I know they aren't exactly the same but if you really wanted the duvet cover of the S&L bedding set and you have to cut some corners & still find coordinates to match, you could for sure get away with these! 

Happy (bargain) Hunting!! 

Cheers! {Laura}


  1. I can't believe that lamp was only $30! crazy! xo Kristin

    1. I know, right?!? Love Marshall's and home goods!

  2. love love love the basket pendant . . .cant believe you made it... go you! and great score on that gold lamp... might have to head to my local marshalls soon

    1. Thanks Emma:) yes it is so easy!! Thanks for commenting! Happy Easter!

  3. I love the basket pendant too and that ring lamp is awesome. What a steal!
    Happy Easter and Good Friday.


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