Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inexpensive DIY Artwork & Wrapping Paper

I am so excited about this post!! A few weeks ago I stumbled across these wrapping paper rolls for $2.99 a piece at Marshalls. I loved them and bought them, not knowing what I was going to make of them. If worse came to worse, I knew I could wrap a gift with them, right?!:)

Then I got to thinking...I wonder what other wrapping paper is out there that I could frame as cheap artwork for some spaces that I needed added pops of color? So I searched online for unique wrapping paper and this is one I found and loved!! This paper came on a roll in two large sheets. I loved the colors and although it is just flimsy paper, I figured I could find substantial frames and put it behind some glass and no one would ever know I paid $7.99 for it! Well, except for all of you, that is! 

I found these frames, which I LOVE, at Hobby Lobby. And of course, they are always running 50% off on frames. And if they aren't when you need them, keep your receipt and go back in when they are because they price adjust and there's no reason to pay full price! They rotate their 50% off sale all throughout the store and about every three weeks the entire frame department is on sale. I got all three for less that $100! They are pretty large at 22x28, 11x14 and 8x10. Added bonus, if you buy your frames there they will complete the framing labor for free. So I just paid for the glass and they did it for me!

 This is how they turned out!! I was very excited when I picked them up:) It might just be some of my favorite art! So with that said, now you know that Dana and I are not gallery goers...

I may end up putting them down in the basement (photo below) as we need some color pop down there but I think these would look very cool on a ledge overlapping one another (which unfortunately the ledge down there is too narrow) or hanging on a wall mixed in with some fun mirrors or other decorative objects!

So now what to do with the peacock feather paper. I got so excited I skipped over that project! 

I saw these Target frames awhile back and bought them for our basement because they go with the rustic look we have going on down there. And they look like window panes, of which we have none down there, so I thought they may look cool sitting up on the ledge too, as a sort of faux window look. Very obviously faux, tht is!

So I'm sure you guessed where my feather paper went!

And this is where the rest went! Covering books with wrapping paper or any decorative paper is a great way to fill in a book shelf! It is inexpensive and adds some color. 

I want to use the gold feather paper in my office. Current colors in there are black & white with pops of yellow and I am in the process of adding some gold accents. If you need a refresher check out my office post.

Here is a start....I may only end up using it on the books in there but at $2.99 it has done enough for me at that!

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Love this easy decorating tip!

  2. Ahhhh this is genius! I love love love it!!! searching for cool paper online now

  3. Thanks Emma! Love your blog and all your ideas! Yes, I love using wallpaper, wrapping paper and fabric as art! There is some good paper out there!! Not to mention the stationary at fancy paper places! Thanks for following along:)

  4. Such easy and awesome updates! Good work!
    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. Thanks Holly! Thanks for joining! Love your blog:)


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