Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Goods shopping trip!

Short and sweet post. I found some good deals at Home Goods this week! That place is like Target, you're not getting out of there with only the one thing you set out for. I, of course, didn't need these but they jumped in my cart. What do you think?!

They are white ceramic lamps that probably are in need of a slightly lower wattage on the bulb!:) They are just a little mood lamp, nothing you would want to read a book next to or anything. And mostly just a good filler for a console table or bookcase. The taller one was under $40 and the ball was around $29!

I am also working to add some dull gold accents as I finish my yellow, black & white office from a few posts ago. I decided to add in gold to the scheme because it is a big trending accent color and finish and I love it! Gold is everywhere right now and it is a fabulous color!  These are a couple gold items I picked up to add in. I have not finished moving around things and filling empty frames but I thought I would give you a sneak peak! I plan to finish and re post the updated office pics soon!

Obviously this is just a start... Gold and yellow mix well since they are in the same family and gold also looks great mixed with the black & white but what is harder for some to picture is gold paired with gray or mixing metals like silver and gold. Below are a few examples of mixing metals or using gold accents with gray and white! It's fabulous!! So don't be afraid to mix it in!

Hope you enjoyed! Cheers {Laura}

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