Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Kid's Lounge for Christmas!

Well I can't guarantee this is all going to fit in the stocking or that my bum is gonna fit down these kiddo's chimney for that matter but I hope very much that my client's kids love the plan for their new 2014 hangout! The kids are between the ages of 4 and 9 so it has to be a growing space since the toys are dwindling and it is becoming more about crafts, games, TV electronics and sleepovers. It is a huge space so it will be organized into several cozy areas but flow as a big open space. Let's get right down to the ideas, shall we?!?

The collage above represents the side of the room where the lounging will take place! The sofa and chaise will come together to form an L shape sectional and the little round gray chairs will square off the area opposite the chaise. Here is a VERY rough sketch to give you an idea. 

We are doing this space on a budget so I'll share some of the great value pieces in the design!! For the TV console we will plan to use either of these two pieces below from IKEA!! The client already has the long doored wall cabinet that I have shown above the TV in my sketch so that will be a great storage area for games and electronics. 

Option #1- BOKSEL from IKEA $190.00

Option #2- HEMNES from IKEA $199.00

For the TV wall I would like to do a dark blue or green and do a collage of pictures and artwork around the TV. Something along these lines as an idea I saw on Grand Design Co Blog

These fun Indie Mat photo mats that Erin blogged about a few months ago would be a perfect pop of pattern and color around the TV! Less expensive and permanent than framed pictures and no holes in the wall! Perfection! 

For the seating we have some Target furniture which was a great value and also can fold down into a flat mattress for sleepovers. The gray ottoman was a Overstock find and it is a storage ottoman so they can put blankets and pillows in there. 

Target Emily Futon fold down sofa- $189.00

Target Emily Chaise- $199.99

These little floor chairs are a great value from Meijer! Y'all know how I love Meijer!  This baby is only $83.99

As we know, pillows accessories and a great rug bring in the color and add a lot in terms of style so I scoured Etsy and Target for these inexpensive and fun pillow finds. 

The awesome hanging lamp is an IKEA find and it looks very lounge-esq, don't you agree!?! This is the REGOLIT and is only $49.99

And of course since the kiddos will be lounging as much on the floor as they are on the furniture I wanted to make sure we had a super plush comfy shaggy rug that would pull the space together and add warmth yet still be modern and graphic. This looks a lot like the West Elm one which I have always loved but this one has the long fringe on the ends!!! It is from Overstock so is a great value! This 5x8 rug is only $216.00 Awesome deal!! 

The loft area has very interesting ceiling lines and the ceiling is smooth so I think it would be very cool to do a silvery gray blue up on the ceiling and then to do gold star decals on up there as a starry looking silver and gold look! 

And for the craft and computer/study desk side of the room, below you can see some of the elements I am recommending for this area!!

Below is the layout sketch of the play space, craft table and the computer/desk area. The long wall across from the activity table has a large window so I added some Target panels for privacy and a pop of color. On the two shorter walls I am thinking she could do a chalkboard or chalkboard paint and on the other side she could hang the tension wires for displaying artwork. 

This cool design is more elaborate than what I am thinking but you could run the tension wires and clips across the wall directly mounted to the drywall. This design below was by The Project Girl and is indeed very very cool!  

This table and four chairs come as a set from is the IKEA and are only $355.00! BJURSTA/ VILMAR table and 4 chairs

For the desk and computer area my client already has a long desk that will go up against the wall and two swivel desk chairs that she purchased from IKEA. Above the desk area I am recommending this very cool and very modern map of the world decal from Etsy shop "Stickershut"! This huge decal is only $55! This is the showstopper and it also has educational purpose, win-win!  I love this and am considering it for my own black and white office!!

For a true detailed map of the world I love the idea of hanging a globe as a light or just as a hanging globe above the desk area, maybe situated in the corner of the wall!? This one was a DIY made from an old illuminated table globe. The details are on Kumo Blog 

So what do you all think of the plan?! It was fun to play Santa for someone else's kids! Oh how I wish I had some elves this time of year!! Erin and I may both do a small holiday home tour post before the big day but then it may just be crickets till after the New Year buzz wears off:)!! Hope you all have a great holiday and now I need to get my rear in gear and shop till I can't see straight! Only two more full weeks, what?!?!

Cheers!!! {Laura}


  1. I love it! I have one of those rugs from Overstock on my list too but I want the synthetic version because it's easier to clean. The wool is prettier though.
    Love all those fun pillows!

    1. Julia!! What are you doing up at 4:30 lady?!? Ha! Thanks! Good to know about the synthetic! I love this rug! Classic and cozy! The price is great too!

  2. Wow, Laura!!! I am loving every single aspect of this design! Your kiddos are going to L-O-V-E it!!!

  3. Hi jessi! Thank you! Not for my kids but they would love it if it were!! Who wouldn't love their own lounge right?!? Have a great week:)

  4. so cool!!! I love everything...especially smitten with the globe idea!! I'm keeping that one filed for future use!

  5. I love it all!! Is the futon comfy and a reg size sofa? I bought a futon from Walmart and it was way smaller than I wanted... It works for a play room but as my boys get older I will need a bigger sofa!!


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