Monday, August 5, 2013

Found! Indie Mats!

If you're looking for a a fun and easy way to create a gallery of photos, kids artwork or any sort of memento, then look no further! 

Photo: Indie Mats

Indie Mats is a fresh take on decorating without the commitment of nails or even frames for that matter! The mats come in a multitude of colors and chic patterns and you can buy them as coordinating sets or in pre-designed gallery display sets. Simply adhere the pictures to the mats and the mats to the wall with a provided kit.
 Photo: Indie Mats

Photo: Indie Mats

 Photo: Indie Mats

 Photo: Indie Mats

They would also make great gifts. For the graduate getting ready to decorate their new dorm. Or the month-to-month mats for the new mother.
Photo: Indie Mats

The company was started by two women from St. Louis who were looking for unique ways to display their own photos. The mats are even made in St. Louis!

Photo: Founders of Indie Mats, Anna & Emma

Way to go ladies! Happy shopping to the rest of us! {Erin}


  1. They are great aren't they?? I love the versatility and the cute designs! {Erin}


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