Thursday, August 8, 2013

Style Muses Translated. . .

Even if you don't subscribe to People (magazine) or watch E! Fashion Police, we are constantly inundated with celebrity style and fashion. I looked at some of the celebrities that have bucked the title of trend setter and graduated into real fashion muses with their consistent, signature styles. And I asked myself how their styles would translate into interior design.

Have you heard of Kate Middleton? You don't have to be a style hound to know this Dutchess with panache. After giving birth to her first child, even the national news commented on the polka dot dress she wore home from the hospital! As a future king mum, her style mixes British tradition and sensibility with a more modern twist. Her style is tailored with classic silhouettes but she uses vibrant hues, necklines and those signature loose locks to breath life into stuffy traditional.

The basic black is energized with a plunging neckline and loose hair.
 Photo: French Novelty
The vibrant color of this lacy gown gives it a spirited, youthful look. 
Photo: International Business Times
 Even the Duchess has modern sensibility. She mixes up her wardrobe by reinventing the same dress for different occasions.
Photo: Perez Hilton

Her translated style: Modern Traditional. If Kate had anything to say about palace dining, you might see these bold citrus colors used in a traditional formal dining room.

Modern toile wallpaper. The pattern is traditional, but the colors are modern and fresh.

 Photo: Domino Magazine, May 2007 via Pinterest

A traditionally furnished den with modern fabrics, dense color and high gloss walls modernize the space.
Photo: House Beautiful via Pinterest

Heading back across the pond, American fashion icons are abundant. Since we don't have royalty, the next best place to look is our First Ladies. From Martha Washington (hey now, for her time she was rockin' it!) to Jackie Kennedy to Nancy Reagan, First Ladies have been fashion icons through the ages. 

And our current First Lady is no exception. Michelle Obama has been a leading trend setter since President Obama became the 44th president in 2009.

Michelle Obama's style is that of a modern day woman. Strong but feminine. Stylish but sensible. Like the Duchess, she often diverts the limelight away her famous hubby and steals the stage!  The vibrant colors and fashion forward necklines of her gowns are young and modern but still sophisticated and elegant.

Photo: Fox News

Her official White House portrait received a lot of attention. The bare-armed, figure flattering dress literally showed her strength.

Photo: Photo Bucket

Often her clothes are off-the-rack, setting the trend that fashion can be affordable.
Photo: Mrs Grapevine   

In all cases, the First Lady represents a time. A slice of Americana. And so if we look at our First Ladies beyond their current styles and put them in a historical context, the fact that Michelle Obama is the first African American First Lady has to be incorporated into her interior design translation. She is modern and sophisticated with historical relavance. Her style translated is Modern Americana. Modern colors and design that pay homage to history. 

The next two pictures use color, striped walls and glossy paint to modernize the traditional furnishings. Note the multicultural pictures and fabrics for a historic vibe.
Traditional furnishing with classic American themes but with modern boldness in the color palette.
Photo: Domino Magazine via Pinterest

There is no official Hollywood royalty, but she has celebrity lineage that would certainly qualify her if there was. Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity fashion leader with a signature style. She is the quintessential girl next door with her long blond hair and natural make up, but she balances this "good girl" softness with edgier clothes or accessories. Hello! She even married a rock star! What could be edgier than that??

A neutral gown is paired with strappy heels for added sex appeal. 
Photo: Harper's  Bazaar May 2010

The neutral palette and soft A-line skirt is juxtaposed with a crop shirt.
Photo: Huffington Post

Her style translated: Feminine Minimalist. The simplicity and modern feel of minimalist design but with a feminine appeal.

A minimalist dining room with a feminine color palette.
Photo: Krista Ewart design via Domino Magazine June/July 2007
Minimal and modern furnishings in blues and pinks. And the Bob Marley picture over the fireplace pays homage to rocker roots.

Deciding on colors, styles and furnishings for our homes can be daunting and overwhelming. But if we look at interior design as an extension of ourselves, then we can start by asking what reflects our personal style? What colors inspire us? And what makes us happy? The rest will fall into place. {Erin}


  1. I think fashion and decor go hand in hand... and I think that most people have the same style in the closet as they do their living rooms! Love the great eye candy!

  2. fabulous and fun post! love tying fashion in with décor!

  3. Great post and I love all 3 ladies and their own style!

  4. Thanks so much for your comments ladies. I also love how personal fashion goes hand-in-hand with home fashion! {Erin}


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