Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 New Reasons to Love IKEA!

(because 11 would be ridiculous)

The 2014 Ikea catalog and products have been released and, as always, there are new products to make you fall in love with Ikea all over again. Here are 10 of them that I'm loving. . . 

The Stockholm family of furniture seems to have had the most additions for 2014. 
1) The Stockholm Sofa in Sandbacka Green. Imagine this sleek, contemporary sofa with white walls and black & white accents.

Or with canary yellow as pictured in the catalog for a more vibrant look. 

 2) The Stockholm Chair. Reminiscent of the contemporary classic wishbone chair, this new item comes in green or walnut veneer.
$119 Green; $139 Walnut Veneer

I love the colors in this accent rug. 
3) Stockholm Rug, low pile.

Stockholm Rug, low pile, 5x7, $299

4) The Stockholm Sideboard is also a favorite. Imagine it plain or re-imagined with a stenciled design. 
Beige (pictured) $379; Walnut Veneer $429

 5) The Stockholm Mirror. I love that the bottom edge is wider, forming a little ledge for trinkets.

The Stockholm Mirror and Sideboard (in walnut veneer) together.

Beige $379; Walnut Veneer (pictured) $429

6) The Tornliden/Lalle Table in black. A little more sophisticated than the parsons desk. Vanity, console, or small breakfast table, the Tornliden/Lalle has the legs to go the distance.
 Tornliden/Lalle Table in Black, $99.99

7) Ragrund Chair with Towel Rack. It may look strange, but give it a chance! Its a chair and a towel rack! Great for small bathrooms with limited wall space.
  Ragrund Chair with Towel Rack in Bamboo, $49.99

8) Stockholm yellow and white fabric by the yard. Bright and whimsical. 

9) The Kladsam Mobile is the perfect quirky and unexpected accessory. I can see it in a nursery, child's room or three-season room.

Kladsam Mobile, $9.99 

And lastly, why not give your child's doll house the luxury of chic, modern living? 

10) Huset Doll Furniture for the living room.

  Huset Doll Furniture, Living Room $12.99

Happy Shopping fellow Ikea fans!

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  1. You've seen my post. I love Ikea and I'm actually heading to Ikea with my sister-in-law today here in Germany!
    When I get back to the US I will go myself because I have to have some things immediately ;)


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