Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stressing Over Paint Colors, Don't Bother!

I started out a couple years ago doing paint color consults. I will have to admit I love color and have used A LOT of color on the walls and have always kinda felt like it was the quick easy way to breath life into a room. 

If I had it to do all over again, like if maybe if I were building, I would design it on a white canvas. I would pay much more attention to textures than colors and my pops of color would be in fabrics, artwork and furniture rather than paint. I'm a clean freak and so you would think white would be a nightmare, right?! Wrong! White is more forgiving of scuffs, chips and finger prints than dark walls and the look just exudes clean, fresh and uncluttered. Oh and if you are thinking that it seems a little cold or minimalist, think again. It definitely doesn't have to be! Check out some of my white wall finds! 

*all images below pinned via Pinterest onto House Envy Blog

Oftentimes when it comes to a whimsical fun room like a kids room, nursery or playroom we think we need to pick wall color appropriate to the theme. However, kids spaces are probably one of the best candidates for a white backdrop because you may have  a lot of color in toys, artwork and accessories. 

White is a great color for taking advantage of texture and pattern. A well designed house with lots of architectural interest is perfectly showcased in white. 

I love the interest and texture in these alternative wall materials

Nothing brightens and modernizes a room more than updating heavy dark brick and stone than painting it white!

My absolute most favorite look is white walls in contrast with dark brown or black flooring! Perfect contrast and such a dramatic look!

Hope these examples give you a great sense for how white can be the perfect backdrop to decor and architecture. Are you bold enough to try white? 

Cheers!! {Laura}


  1. Oh I so agree! I have wanted to be brave enough to have white walls.. but with the knock down texture white just tends to look dirty. I had white wall in my rental and hated it... again with knock down texture. Oh well... I will have to have accent walls of white I guess!

    1. yes for sure harder with texture. We have it on our ceiling! I guess when we tear down and restart I will make it all smooth! Ha! Probably dreaming there:)!!

  2. I'm so with you on this myself. I already thought about painting my downstairs white. Lets see!
    Or the total opposite BLACK!!!

    1. Oh I do love black too! Maybe for a high drama room, right?!? It looks very cool in high gloss!! Ok, you do it and I will link to it:)! Ha. I may never have the guts!!


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