Sunday, April 28, 2013

Filling wall space, on a budget

Sometimes you gotta get creative to fill space! Maybe it's your room with abundant wall space, a ledge around a room or even a big bookcase that needs some styling! The point is it can become costly and frustrating looking for the perfect fillers in the right color scheme and size. You have seen my ledge running all the way around our office. I feel like I have been filling space and rearranging in there for a least!! You may recall that my color scheme in there is black & white with pops of yellow and I have also added in gold touches in the last month. 

I found these note cards at Target. I am not sure if you have seen their section of stationary and notes lately but some of them are beautiful!! Here is one that caught my eye since it was black and had the gold foil stamped art. Would be perfect in my office...

I picked them up with the intention of doing several of them framed in a collage to take up some space on the wall in our office.  When I was looking for affordable small frames, since I was going to need several, I came across this package deal and you will die when I tell you what color they guessed it, yellow! These shrink wrapped colored frame sets are from Target and they had them in a variety of colors, and very inexpensive. I bought the last two yellow "4 packs" they had. I was wishing they would have had more to fill a bigger area but I couldn't pass up the price and color.

So very easy, just pop those note card in, line them up in any shape for the space you want to fill and you have instant artwork in the color scheme you want to carry out in the room. 

Since I published this post, I was able to find 2 more packs of yellow frames at Target!!! If you recall I wanted to cover much more of this little wall but could not find more frames. Here is the final final product!!

Some other ideas for some inexpensive and easy ways to fill your wall space... mirrors! They open up a room and you can create large mirrored spaces by combining several smaller inexpensive mirrors. 

I love this idea of running, what I call "dorm" mirrors, horizontally and stacking several to create a dramatic mirrored wall! These black mirrors are just cheapies from Target! Genius!

Via: Pinterest

I also love this idea of running mirrors up a stairway. This look could be achieved using several shapes of simple framed inexpensive mirrors all painted or stained a like color. Beautiful!!

This is another example of several mirrors, in this case all like size and painted the same color, to create a dramatic accent wall. Very good way to create an illusion of a larger room!!

Don't forget about plates when you're decorating. They can look especially beautiful in a dining room or kitchen area. It is a great way to pull off a color scheme by choosing plates in the color palette you want to introduce in your room. 

Via: Pinterest

Or keep it dramatic and also easy on yourself and go with a monochromatic color scheme. You can find white plates most anywhere and you could probably pull this look off very affordably by collecting plates from places like Home Goods or thrifting at your local antique and resale shops. 

Via: Pinterest

Now everyone has seen gallery walls using picture frames to fill space but this is such a cool, unique way to kill two birds with one stone by carrying your gallery onto two ajacent walls and covering far more space with your display! This is one I must try at home, love!! Stay tuned...

Via: Pinterest

Another easy idea for decorating is to use empty frames. You can find and paint frames from thrift shops or go to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and purchase them during one of their 50% off frame sales. 

Via: Pinterest, by Ty Larkins

I have had this huge gold empty frame forever that I got at Midland Antique Mall, a local Indianapolis gem. I have used it several ways and keep moving it around. Here are a few ways it has been of use and has gone way above and beyond its call of duty. 

Here in a photo shoot I decided to drag my kids out for. I grabbed the frame and took several shots of them sitting behind it for a unique perspective. 

And here again filling some more space in our office to dress up one of those chandelier decals that I have had up on the wall behind our desk for years. I still like it even though it may be kind of dated now. The frame gives it a little dimension and adds interest to something that I wasn't necessarily ready to get rid of but needed to see in a different light for awhile!

Happy decorating! 

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. I love the note cards! I've never seen them at target! Have to be on the look out now. And the dorm mirrors sideways is also a really cool idea!

  2. I love the note cards, but I love the way you hung them more! Perfect styling of the table below with the the repetitiveness of that print! Awesome! I used the college mirror trick above my wine bar to mimic the striped wall in an adjacent room... I get comments on it all of the time!

  3. Thanks to both of you. Glad you like it! And Tiffany the mirrors sound very cool. I will have to check it out! Thanks ladies:)


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