Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lulu & Georgia Rugs

I have seen these rugs on several posts in the blog world but wanted to share them with everyone! Great rugs, like a very cool piece of furniture or artwork, can make the room! A rug can be the splurge in the room but if it's perfect, it can so easily be your statement piece and set the tone for the entire room! 

I was first introduced to the Lulu & Georgia by my friend and amazingly talented stylist and fashion blogger, Melanie Knopke. She has an incredible following so check her out for sure! And she just happens to also know a thing or two about interior design and where to find some very cool things. This is one of the rugs she showed me awhile back as an option for her living room makeover!

Love the unexpected mix of colors. The pale pink color with the blues and gold is genius and I love the fringe and weave detail on the ends!

Love the colors and the geometric print of this one! I can picture this many places throughout a home but especially think the color scheme would be cute in a boy's nursery. There is nothing wrong at all with a very faint pale blush color in a baby boy's room!!

Love the saturated colors in this beauty! It is like a southwestern version of a Persian rug! This would add a great pop of color to a room and give you such an array of colors to accent with!

Love this faded looking rug in their East Indies collection! It looks like a antique canvas. I love that the colors are more masculine and subdued but the traditional print of the rug gives it a formal, fancy feel. I think it would look so cool paired with something feminine like pops of coral or lavender!

Another stunning rug in their East Indies collection. Love this shade of purple. I can see this rug paired with reds and navy! You could do all kinds of fun color combos with this one setting the tone!

This one is gorgeous and a part of their Romantic collection for obvious reasons!! I think it would look so pretty in a girl's room! 

Love this modern rug! It is so unique and one of my most favorite color schemes of all time. 

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Beautiful area rugs. I think I'm mostly drawn to the last one!

  2. Lovely! I love the last one the best... great color combo!

  3. Thanks for commenting Tiffany! Yes, that is one of mine too:)

  4. Oh yes I love Lulu and Georgia!! I think you highlighted the ones I like best as well. This last one is especially my favorite.


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