Friday, May 24, 2013

Get out my bag, It's time to show you off!!

There's really no need to be too snobby about a wallet. Having a nice bag is one thing but a super fancy wallet hiding in your purse might be spending money on the wrong kind of accessory. However, it is a bigger must to have a wallet that suites your needs! Do you carry a ton of receipts, a checkbook (I know I am dating myself), lots of change and cards or are you a minimalist? It's gotta function for you. And if the price is right you can afford to change it out for the season. This spring, I came across my new wallet for summer!! And now its time I share it because I am loving it! 

The brand, "Spartina" was started in South Carolina and is growing fast! I love their fun fabrics and their practical shapes and sizes. 

This is the wallet I bought recently. It is the Wrist Wallet and retails for just $42.00 and comes in most of their fun patterns! I love that it has the wrist strap so I can carry it by itself sometimes. 

My second favorite pattern. I almost chose this one! Love the green edge!

This one is the Fanfare Wallet for $49.00 and has a little different shape than the other. This zips across the top and opens more like a purse but has spaces inside for change, cards etc.

Here are both types of their larger wallets in several of the patterns you can order. 

They have several little pouches and cases for lipsticks, change and makeup for your purse. I loved this little Slender Case with the snap closure! This retails for just $15.00

And you know how I love a good cell phone clutch I can stick some money and my key in for my quick diet coke runs into CVS! This is just $36.00

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! I'm signing out until after the holiday!! Enjoy and happy shopping....

Cheers! {Laura}


  1. I love this wallet! It's so organized.

    1. Hey Nicole! Yes it is very organized ! Lots of good useful space!

  2. so cute!! I love that it has so many compartments to organize stuff. Thanks for the intro!

  3. Thanks Laura!!! So I'm more of a minimalist and I'm trying to decide what would be the best design that could hold my phone too. Do you think the fanfare wallet would work?


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