Thursday, January 10, 2013

The real life...

So you have been into my house in the last few posts. Seems pretty calm and organized, right?? Its time to meet the tenants... I looked for three photos to sum up my kid's present day personalities so that you have basis for the madness you may be subjected to from time to time.

Lets start with Vince. Vincey is the baby so I feel sorry for him because I too am the baby and they are victimized. Vince more than embraces his role with drama drama drama. Here he is when he handcuffed himself to the fireplace screen in protest. He lasted much longer than you would think a 4 year old would... Life is not always tragic for Vince, he is the comedian of the family. His timing is impeccable! The little wheel in his head is ever turning.  

 This is Stella. She is boss. She is a leader-like the ring leader type. People follow her and they don't even know why, something like a mix of admiration and fear:) She loves makeup, singing and being the princess in the home of her queen (I have to remind her she isn't the only girl in the house and sometimes the universe)

This is Harris. He is a nut. He loves to get a laugh out of people and will do just about anything to get that to happen! He is is a lover. The kid you remember from school who wasn't wrapped up the slightest bit in himself but just a likable, agreeable guy. He is the DJ of the family. He knows more about music and movies than most people twice his age.

And a picture of them all together, in one of the rare moments where they all look at the camera, semi-smile and are not littered with makeup and dirty clothes:)

Cheers!! {Laura}


  1. I love this! Your kids are hilarious...Stella is a mini you, it's crazy!

  2. Awesome! Love your descriptions of them! They are such cuties! Some of my favorite kiddos!

  3. Thanks ladies:) Mel, I imagine that viviannes first word will be something in the fashion vocab!:) have fun in your girls trip!! Jenni, even after u were double barreled in the forehead?!? Haha


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