Monday, January 21, 2013

Come in to my bedroom!

It is okay for a bedroom to be feminine. I often hear, from her ladyship (for the Downton Abbey fans) that she can't paint or accessorize with a color she wants because her husband would never go for it. It's all about balance. If you are going to have more feminine bedding or pillows, then paint a neutral color on the walls. I mean you make all kinds of other compromises in the bedroom, this is exactly the same! It's the perfect room to be a little riskier if you want to stray from the look of the rest of your house.

For our room, I wanted to do some touches of Hollywood Regency style. My husband rolls his eyes when I say "Hollywood Regency" but it is a real style made popular in the 1930s and was created when designers encouraged West Coast film luminaries to decorate their home with overtones of glitz and glamour.  Hollywood Regency style was a favorite of celebrities like actress Joan Crawford, "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!" As remembered best in my mind from the movie "Mommy Dearest" and sometimes now I channel her in the privacy of my own home:) 

that's Joan, not me....

If you aren't familiar with the style think lacquered finishes, clean lines mixed with pops of color and pattern, mirrored furniture and glam looking chandeliers. Here are some examples!

Ok well now that I posted these very put together rooms I want to remind you that our room has "added touches" of Hollywood Glam and is a work in progress...still adding glam touches as the budget allows:)

The bed itself is from West Elm. I love platform beds. They bring a giant king size bed down to scale a tad, especially if you are not working with a lot of space! The wall color is a medium coffee brown, based off a color named "toasty" by Sherwin Williams but I lightened it a bit to get the color I wanted. The runner at the end of the bed is a Target find. The bedspread is actually Serena & Lily which is expensive, however, they run these "private sales" from time to time and they will mark things down like 40-60% for several days at a time. The duvet and 2 shams were scored during one of those sales. If you join their mailing list you will get the invites by mail.

The mirrored side tables are Z Gallerie.

And the drape panels are also Z Gallerie. These panels have a hint of shine which makes the putty color in the pattern look almost gold!

The pillows I ordered fabric for and had made because I have only made throw pillows for a nursery and they looked good enough for a baby only. I love They have the coolest fabrics, most are less than $10/yard.

On a bed you can use cotton fabrics and not have to spend a lot on upholstery weight fabrics, so you can go crazy with Fabric Worm.

The pops of pink in the pillow fabric inspired the glam mirrors on either side of the bed to be painted pink, "Fuchsine" by Benjamin Moore. I used a high shine gloss paint to get that laquered look. Then I took a gold paint, you can buy them premixed in little jars, and used it to accent some of the groves and raised surfaces on the mirror-- You don't half ass when you have sanded and painted three of these babies!

I found these huge mirrors for $35/mirror at Midland Antique Mall. There were three and all were a nasty beige yellow color. During the refinishing process I discovered they most likely hung in some beauty shop as I kept finding cut hair between the mirror and wood frame, yuck! Two of the mirrors ended up on either side of the bed in the pink and the third mirror is in the bathroom, painted chocolate brown. I decided to paint this one more subtle because our wall color in the bathroom is purple! Yes, he let me have purple! Love love love, deep purple but honestly where else are you going to put this color but in your very own bathroom, where you can do whatever you want!!

The paint color is called "Eggplant" by Benjamin Moore and if you wanted an even richer color with more a brown tone I would go with "Bordeaux Red" by Benjamin Moore. The pillow fabric on the bench is also Fabric Worm! And I had the bench in a post before. It is a cheap Target bench with fun upholstery replacing the "pleather" that was on it.

In Hollywood you gotta have a chandelier in the bedroom, no ceiling fans allowed!! If you need air blowing on you get one of those old fashioned cool retro fans and put it somewhere:)  

I loved this old vintage birdcage by Arhaus. I scored it from their floor when they were changing seasons and its big and I love it! I also took some of the fabric from the pillow to make a chain sleeve.

And every room needs a chair to throw your laundry on, right?! I found this chair at Midland. I wish I had a photo of the old pale pink and ivory fabric that I found it wearing. When you go search for chairs like this to recover, look at the lines. I loved this one and the scale was perfect for a small bedroom. I wanted some kind of fun crazy pattern fabric so here is what I landed on:)

Love this fabric, it is from Jo Anne Fabric and I've recently seen it in either Hobby Lobby or Michael's. It is a gold and hot pink leopard. This fabulous fabric would also look so very cool in a little girl's room.

We also have this dresser in the room too which I am showing mostly for price point. This one is Pier One Import's version of mirrored furniture. Not bad. I like the Z Gallerie better, which is more expensive but also a little more authentic. The point being, mirrored furniture in its original form, brands like "Horchow", are very expensive. Both of these options are much much less than what you would pay for something like that but they still look great. I have also seen some great mirrored pieces at Home Goods but of course it is hit or miss.

Well there you have it, it doesn't get more personal than the bedroom. I think someone once said the bedroom should be relaxing and soothing....or not.

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Love all of this stuff! Great tips!

  2. I almost bought that exact zebra print to cover the chair in my daughter's room, but ended up doing a blue/white fabric instead. Your room is fab!

  3. Ha that is funny! It would look so cute in a girl's room. I have seen your daughter's room on your blog! Soo stinking cute!! When are you girls going on vacation?!

  4. Love it!!!!!! When you are creating new posts, make sure to get your photos as large as they can be (just click the photo and choose the size XLarge)- to really show off all of your gorgeous spaces! :) xo

  5. Hi Brooke!

    Love your blog! Thanks for including me on your blog list. I starting 5 weeks ago so I am new and I appreciate the support and the tip on the photos! I will try that out. I re signed up as a member to yours. Let me know if you don't see it on there.

  6. I love these ideas, Laura, but I have to disagree on one point. I need to have my ceiling fan! I prefer having that over other fans because it circulates air really well. Can we reach a compromise if my ceiling fan has a chandelier fixture attached to it? LOL!


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