Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Allow me to interrupt for clothes...

I shop for clothes much the same way I shop for furniture. I like a deal.... enter disposable clothing & accessories. I'm not talking about paper goods here but I am talking about the clothes finds you can score at places like Target, Urban Outfitters, Francesca's and H&M. They may not last you a lifetime or maybe even the entire season but you won't pay enough to be too disappointed.

I did a little shopping at Francesca's for some sure to find great disposable vacation wear. They have great patterns in there. If you want a couple decent sundresses to wear to a destination, they will never disappoint. Their jewelery keeps getting better and better. I love the range of colors they have, bright fun and inexpensive.

This coral and mint colored cotton dress is casual enough for flip flops or could be dressed up. It was 30% off so I paid around $30 for it. The mint colored stone necklace is also from there. It looks like a Stella & Dot but it was $22!

Here are some other pieces I have from their store. A few of them are recent finds and the rest are things I have found there over the past year.

Most all of the earrings shown above were between $9.00-$12.00. I'm a sucker for anything chandelier.

With all this said, not every great find comes dirt cheap... I came across these shoes with vacation on the mind. I may have otherwise passed them by for two good reasons, 1.) it is 5 degrees out and
2.) Jessica Simpson has always and will always annoy me. However this time, Jessica, the creator of the highest platform shoes ever, gets an "outstanding" for this very fun and surprisingly low to the ground shoe!! I saw them in Macy's although had to order from Zappos to accommodate my Sasquatch size 11 shoe... sometime when I am blogging under the influence I may show you these hands!!

It's genetic, the feet and the anticipation of tearing into a new pair of shoes!:)

Countdown to vacation and thawing out a bit!

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