Sunday, January 6, 2013

No floor as cool as FLOR

If I lived in an older house with more wood than carpet I would have FLOR tiles in way more spaces. I love the idea of running these tiles down wood steps or a wood hallway or entry. They are an obvious pick to cover a toy room. I really can't say enough about how cool they are. So, I will show you some!

These navy and white chevron tiles are in my house covering up some ugly tile in our sun room turned mudroom/homework area. This used to be our toy room and so the purpose of having the tiles in there originally was to warm up the floor and make it fun and energetic for the kids room. I love these tiles! And although this particular pattern is discontinued there are so many cool patterns to choose from and FLOR is always changing their patterns.

These cable knit looking tiles are so cute! Would look perfect in a kids space or anywhere!

This is a perfect example of getting creative with the tiles. Turn them at an angle, border a pattern with a solid color tile, mix and match. FLOR design consultants are also available to help you decide what colors and patterns mix best. Also you can order any samples for very cheap to experiment.

I love that you can do a rug any size you want. You are not limited to the standard sizes. I also think they do a great job of having both modern and more traditional patterns.

Hope you enjoyed! Cheers! {Laura}

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