Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 years of marriage, but it feels like...

...the first day we met, of course!:) His hair is still gray and my hair is still being colored. I mean other than these 3 kids, a few laugh lines and a lot of wine later, things are the exact same!

The year after we were married, the honeymoon phase, I think they call it, we took one of the best trips of our lives to Italy with two of our most loved "travel sole mates" and friends, Amy & Travis. There are friends and then there are friends you can travel with. They are both and you can never expect that all friends will be both!

Just babes in these pics....March of 2003

Funny, the second one is like awkward family photos shot. Who is the other girl hanging on to the back end of that couple's pic??:)

It was one of those trips that gets better with age. You look back and realize how easy it was to go overseas, leaving just a couple dogs behind! We made a pact that we would take our 5 year (uh wait, still having babies) make it 10 year, anniversary trip together.

Fast forward 10 years, now coined the "Pattzmans" (Forever solving the problem of whose name, Patton or Stutzman, our reservation resides under) we are going! Leaving the smallest Pattzmans behind...sigh (in a happy relaxed, spa like tone)

So although off the design subject, this will excuse my "break" from posts for a bit while I design some cocktails in Costa Rica and then forget a bunch of stuff after that!

Cheers to vacation and ten years of waking up next to the same gray haired man who put out my cigarette in that bar in college and has been making me better ever since:)

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