Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear Target, we have been together so long...

My relationship with Target goes way back. I remember making a night of Target & Jiffy Treat frozen yogurt at IU with my roommates. Flash forward 13 years and Target can make my day as I drag in my 3 kids, making promises that I will hang out in the toy aisle for a bit if we can peruse the  like my good ol college days:) And of course now that they are a grocery, I can now tuck the "extras" into the grocery bill! Its a win win type of place for everyone really.

I looked online at Target the other day because I was curious to see how much more they had. I discovered they did in fact have some never before seen items! Several of the things I was attracted to or have purchased in the past are part of this "Threshold" line. There were several items, many on sale, I thought were worthy of noting in this collection. So here she blows....Some great finds and of course good prices in the Threshold line by Target.

The green & blue towel pictured first is the Global towel. Hand towels are $6.39 and bath is $9.00! The next two are the Floral towels in yellow and aqua. Hand towels are $9.99 and bath is $11.00!

A word about bath towels....I think it is fun to mix in a little pattern to your everyday towels. If you have bath towels you love, add print to your hand towels or wash clothes. Target and World Market have both brought in these very Anthropologie-esque towels for a fraction of the price. Great towels can be the artwork of the bathroom, and they won't get damaged by steam or water.

I snapped a picture of these printed towels at World Market to give you an idea of some of their patterns. But if you follow the link above, there are a ton of really cool patterns.

Ok sorry Target, back to you......

Set of two 12 inch hard sided linen lidded box-khaki $33.99
Printed 8x10 inch Round Storage Cube for $12.99

Light Brown Block Side Table only $41.98

I love these tables! Vince has a modern platform bed and so I needed a couple bedside tables low enough to fit his bed. They are perfect! And a great deal! Love the color too.

This is the last time, Target.... but these tiny owl lamps are from World Market and are a perfect accent lamp in a kid's room. They also have a very cool giraffe one the same size! The base was $24.99 and you can choose from several colors of shade around $12.00. Mine is the burlap shade.

Starburst mirror 24 inch $39.99
Arched Windowpane Mirror 31.5x20 $59.99
Orway 5 piece Wicker Patio Set $399.00
Threshold has a lot of patio furniture out right now. Much of it has the same modern lines and look as some of the higher end places like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware. And much of it is on sale right now!!

Stoneware Decal Mugs, in Gold Zig-zag and Smoky Gold set of 4, $15.99

I mean how cool are these? I love the zig-zag ones. Gold and white is one of my favorite combos. So glam, goes with everything!

Threshold organic blankets $29.99 to $49.99

This picture does not do these blankets justice! They are awesome. You can see them in stores. They come in different sizes, twin to king, and would look great folded at the end of a bed over the comforter as an accent. You really have to see and touch them in person to get the idea but I thought I'd show them anyway.

Happy shopping!! 

Enjoy and Cheers {Laura}

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