Sunday, July 7, 2013

We won an award!!


Thanks to Stephanie of Stephanie Krauss Designs for nominating House Envy! She is a fabulous designer and I am honored she reads our blog and think us worthy of an "up and coming" status! Now I'm gonna head off to buy my lotto ticket... a good idea if any awards come your way, right?!

One of the criteria for acceptance of this award is to share 11 things about me, answer some questions posed by Stephanie and nominate some of my own favorite reads! Sounds simple enough and will probably even lead to a little self incriminating fun too! 

The truth as I know it:
1.) I practically transform into Prince when I hear "Purple Rain". There's video...

2.) I am notorious for using the wrong word in conversation ie: I once announced at work that everyone needed to conjugate around the table instead of congregate. the list goes on and on...

3.) I had never touched any social media before 6 months ago when I started this blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... all in one day! As a result I find myself annoyed at myself. 

3.) Most people have me pegged as a fairly laid back, roll with the punches type but really I am a neurotic, type A nut case. 

4.) I admire Dr Seuss, but not so much a Cat in the Hat fan. I think its creepy that the Cat is always leading the kids away on strange adventures saying, "Your mother won't mind if we do" Its not very "stranger danger" friendly in my opinion... 

5.) I don't believe that reading makes you a better writer. I believe reading makes you a better reader. 

6.) Wine does make you a better mother. 

7.) I will never stop dreaming of being the lead singer in a band

8.) I once had a spiritual reading that said my husband and I had chosen each other several times over in lifetimes before and I believe it to be true. 

9.) I wish my parents would have pushed me to stand up straight and drink more water. 

10.) I am skeptic of the old girl scout friendship song. I mean who compares silver to gold?!? And furthermore you can't take silver and make it gold so its kind of a pointless journey to those tagged silver, right?! 

11.) Confidence and passion will always win the race. You can't study for it. You won't always be awarded first place on paper but the kind of victory it brings will last forever. 

The questions asked of me:

1.Where is your favorite place to vacation? I will always love Mexico.

2. What is the number one reason you started blogging? I get way too excited about great finds and cool design to not be sharing it with more than my poor husband.When I was little I used to set up my Barbie stuff and just sit and stare, hands all locked together in pride at what I created. So I guess I would say my excitement over Barbie's dream house led me down this path:) 

3. Who is you favorite designer or who inspires you the most? Whoa, not sure on that one! I am a lover of way too many styles to decide. The character trait I like best in a great designer is one that makes it hard to pinpoint them on every occasion because of their versatility. 

4. Who was your favorite teacher and why? My dad because he won't tell you he's right he will just make it his mission to show you and usually he is always right! 

5. What is your favorite TV show right now? Downton Abbey & Happy Endings

6. What is your favorite book? Anything with lots of pictures. I'm a visual person:)

7. What is your number one design trick? Taking a simple color scheme like orange and blue and making it more interesting by using several shades of the two colors. I call it layering a color. 

8. Where is your favorite place to shop for home decor? Home Goods

9. What scares you the most? Losing one of my kids. There would be nothing that could be more horrible than that. 

10. What is your number one tip for new bloggers? Produce good content. Rather than just posting pictures of cool design, make a story or case for how it could work in a realistic home. I think its intimidating to see photos re posted from design mags of rooms that look unattainable. 

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?  I'd be on a boat on the ocean... with a captain, cook and bartender of course.  

So this Liebster Award is an award that new bloggers give out to other new bloggers to sort of share the love and maybe share some readers. 
If the nominee decides to accept the award he/she must:
1.  Answer the 11 questions posed - DONE
2. Post 11 facts about themselves - DONE
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers - BELOW...
4. Tell them that they have been nominated
5. Create a list of 11 questions for the nominees to answer

I'm nominating:
Cuckoo 4 Design
Live Laugh Decorate
Bliss At Home
A Home Full of Color
Sealed With Lovely
Charming in Charlotte

You ladies are all deserving! Some of you are newer than others but all of you have an gone way above and beyond for the short time you have been blogging. Here are your questions and I hope you have fun with them!

1.) What's your favorite project you have shared
2.) Whats on your wish list to redo in your home
3.) If you could meet one person who would it be
4.) What is your top product endorsement, be it beauty, home or otherwise
5.) What is your favorite motto
6.) How would your closest friends describe you
7.) Whats your vice and how many times have you tried to quit
8.) Name a time you laughed the hardest 
9.) Name one of your design secrets
10.) What would you never try and why
11.) Name one thing that you can't stand no matter what!?

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  1. Awww thanks so much for thinking of me!!! That is so sweet and fun!

    1. Oh and I'll probably post about it on Wednesday of Friday ;)

    2. no problem. I took a week to get it together too! Welcome back from your trip!

  2. Yaay!. So honored. Thank so much. I cant wait to get started. Those are good questions!!!

  3. Hooray! Congrats ladies. Such fun facts about ya. Thanks for the nod but we were nominated before. You can see our responses here:

  4. Woohoo! Thanks so much for the nomination! I'm already working on my post:)

  5. Thanks again ladies! See our post below!


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