Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to School Clothes, Stylish, Inexpensive... Yep, JCP!

Well as you may remember I raved about the reinvention of JC Penney in a post in March when I talked about a bathing suit I found before Spring Break and the new Jonathon Adler Collection that was online at the time and hit the Indy market in May. Well, I went back last week to shop for kid's clothes and fell in love with the affordable and very trendy Joe Fresh. Its a "must have" and at the same time an "everyone can have" so might as well, right?!? I also found several other stylish brands in the kids department, all very affordable!

Let the Back to School shopping commence! I mean, tis the season  for moms to be ready to scoot their little ones out the door after spending much quality summer time together, right?! And what better models to debut the line, at least on this blog, than my own little sweet cherub angel models who are just as cute as the JCP professional models (I've said it before...although I do realize my opinions are not fact, they are scripture when it comes to my blog since I'm the author... well, one of the authors and their Aunt Erin agrees they are perfect, right Erin?!) 

Check out these affordable, trendy clothes located at the store you bought your patent leather Easter shoes and straw hat circa 1980! 

The little jacket and dress that Stella has on were in the regular girls section at JCP and were not part of the "Joe Fresh" collection there. They are cute though, yes?! 

These camo jeans were also in the girls section and were not "Joe Fresh"

There weren't a whole lot of advertising shots which is why I just decided to shot my kids in the stuff I bought them but there are such cute things in the infant lines too at JCP. Check it out! Well worth the trip and a little more unique than the Gap, Old Navy, Target stuff that you see more of at back to school time. 

Here are just a few shots I did find online. So cute!? yes??

Happy Shopping! Enjoy!! {Laura}


  1. I love the new JCP too and your kiddos are totally way cuter than the JCP professional models!

  2. JCP .. never would have thought!:) And your kids are adorable! GREAT pics.

  3. Too funny, I just bought my son the airplane and taxi cab and a few other goodies just last night and was a little blown away at how cute and affordable the clothes were!! JCPenny has really stepped up their game!

    1. they sure have! It is great! I have such great memories of the place. I'm glad its coming back to life!!!:)

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  5. Such a fabulously chic look! Love the bucket list idea
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