Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unique Wall Solutions

Have a big bad wall? Not sure what to do with it? Take a look at these inventive and, in some cases, piggy bank friendly wall scape remedies to fill tall and awkward wall spaces. 

From traditional to eclectic decor, a collage of small pictures is a great way to landscape a space of any size or shape. 

Here, small nautical-themed artwork fills an awkward shaped wall for a cohesive effect. 

Matching frames, mats and art hues give this entryway a grand look.

For a staircase, it looks good to mimic the rise of the steps with the frames.
Photo: Pinterest

I love the eclectic arrangement of these frames. Small, large, framed and unframed. Together, they display as one piece.
Photo: Pinterest

Of course, frames, matting and artwork can get expensive so I went on a search for potentially less costly and most certainly more unique wall solutions. Here's what I found:

1. Start with what you already have.
So you don't have an eye for composition or a flare for what is photogenic. This low budget collage is such a huge compilation of photos that the compilation itself becomes the art instead of the individual snapshots.
Photo: Pinterest

And really, with the apps available for your phones, even a lack luster photo of my son playing his Nintendo DS can look artsy. This photo was taken using Hipstamatic for the iPhone.

Have a collection of any sort? Hang them together and wah-lah! You have art! Here, matching plates are used to build a well balanced display.

Photo: via Pinterest

I love the modern vibe of this plate display.
Photo: via Pinterest

A note card collection. 
Photo: Alkemie

Old album covers as art. 

Vintage game boards as art.
Photo: Foursided

2. Get thrifty.
Why limit wall collages to pictures and collections when you can repurpose items that are actually useful! 

Shelf collections done three ways: recycled luggage. 

Recycled wood crates.
Photo: Pinterest

Wall boxes with old frames. 
Or just let old frames be the art. 
Photo: Pinterest

3. Get crafty. 
Using kid art is old hat, but what about letting your artsy side shine?
Here, the look of Graham & Brown's "frame" wallpaper is recreated with hand-drawn frames and artwork. 
Photo: flickr

Craft stores are also a good source for collage ideas. I went to our local Michael's and found inexpensive letters. 

 Photo: Indulgy

I also found these great thin wood frames at Michaels. Perfect for a whimsical collage like the one below.

And lastly, consider making your own frames! Here, photos are framed with Japanese washi tape. 

Now, who's afraid of the big bad wall?

For more great wall ideas, visit House Envy's "The Great Wall" Pinterest board.

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  1. What a great post! The suitcases and the vintage board games are so cool, but I love it all! Great ideas!

  2. Laura - some awesome ideas here! Love the painted out frames I had this in my house at one time and need to bring it back! xoxo

  3. Stephanie. I'm in the process of bringing that look back at my house as well...stay tuned. Thanks for the comment! Erin

  4. Awesome post! Unique Wall Solutions is really nice blog post.
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