Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Man's Trash...

So there's something to be said for the phrase "out with the old, in with the new", but there's also something to be said for the hugely chic "recycle reuse" mantra. 

I get about 100 catalogs a week. At least three of those are from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, or some other variation of the PB brand, i.e.. Land of Nod, Crate & Barrel, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I love these stores and catalogs as much as the next person.  But let's be honest, have you ever gone into someone's house and felt like you fell into the pages of a PB catalog? Yeah. A little sterile. My point being, the new stuff is great, but you have to add a little flavor, a little something that makes your home unique. 

For me, the easiest (and cheapest) way to do this is by finding unique, one of a kind pieces. Which means, you have to do a little scouting, a little re-inventing.  

When my oldest son went from crib to bed, I was on the hunt for twin beds to use with my existing second-hand waterfall dresser. The headboards were a real consignment store steal. $50 for the pair! In their previous life they were disguised in dull grey paint with a hideous (and dirty) 1970s fabric. I simply primed and painted them, and replaced the fabric on the panel insert with a navy and white faux cow hide print. 

I painted the old waterfall dresser to match.

The best part is that I've only got a few $100 wrapped up in all the furniture combined. (And you may have noticed the Pottery Barn bedspreads.)

My dining room buffet is also a resale find. My father-in-law refinishes antique furniture as a hobby, so he shined it up for me in it's natural wood state. And we added a piece of glass to the top for functionality. I left the mirror as it was. It is starting to brown from age, but it keeps the piece feeling original. 

Now, I don't brake for yard sales like Lara Spencer (GMA), but I have been known to shop my neighborhood garage sale every once in awhile. $45 for this lighting jem! New in the box. This neighbor said her husband never had time to hang it. Whaaaaaat??!! Oh well, one man's trash....

My newest heart throb is a little boutique in Warsaw, IN called The Repurpose Room. It was started by two women who also love turning cast away items into treasures. If you look them up on Facebook and "like" their page, you will see all their new pieces as they hit the floor. You can also visit the store and peruse their warehouse. If you find something you like, pick your paint color and off you go. I've never seen anything over $350 there. I picked up two matching side tables for my guest bedroom.

You know these side tables were that nasty dark wood from the 70s. What a difference paint can make!

This is by far my favorite find so far. A mid-century modern dining buffet converted to a TV console for my basement. Mustard yellow paint. Love it. Love it. Love it.

And how about this cutie? Over-sized ceramic 1970s lamp. $25. And it works!!


The greatest part of all this furniture is that I didn't have to marry it. When I get tired of it, I can put it in my garage sale and give someone else the feeling of satisfaction when my trash is their new treasure. Erin

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  1. I love to find others "trash" my two favorite finds were under $50 and amazing MCM pieces! Great finds!

    1. Yes! I love to hear about other people's finds? Thanks so much for your comments. Erin

  2. Wow, lots of great finds and makeovers.
    (I finally got around to answering your Liebster questions ;)


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