Tuesday, May 20, 2014

REVEAL Top Secret Nursery-It's a girl!!

If you have been following along, my client (& friend) enlisted my services to plan and install a top secret nursery behind closed door! No problem, right?! 5 weeks ago she gave me "the envelope" with the gender of the baby inside and I swore not to breathe a word to anyone, including them! I've been bubbling over not being able to give any peeks at all as to what I was planning as everything screamed girl! So you wanna peek!? Well here you have it! Just a little one before I make you get into the details... It's all about the details, I know you agree!!
When I started I decided on my color scheme and had the idea almost immediately that I wanted to paint all the doors, trim and window casing the more dramatic accent color. I chose a soft subtle peach color that almost has a golden hue called "Champagne" for all the main walls in the room. Then I used "Certain Peach" for the baseboards, window trim and doors. The green and the deep coral were used on accent furniture. Can you see the fabrics in the background?! 
I love the fabrics for this room! There is both a modern and vintage feel which I think every little girl should have a good mix of. There are only so many years you can pull off a really soft vintage look for a little girl. Knowing my days are numbered with my own daughter's eclectic room makes me sad as she points out jeweled light up "Peace" signs with hideous colors...Lord help me! But the truth is that although I do listen to what my clients want, I always have some selfish motives in my designs, that's what you get with me!:) Speaking of that, I am happy to share many sources with you but not all as a courtesy to my clients who pay for me to give them a unique design. Make sense?! I am happy to say that I sourced several Etsy shops to comes up with my bedding design though. I love Etsy and I always looks there first, for everything! I also hate most of the bedding sets that they have out there! I always want to change something. I had this problem with my own kids but Etsy wasn't as far along as they are now and they have some super cute baby linens! The sheet and changing cover were hand made and the fabrics were from one shop. The skirt was from another Etsy shop. 

The crib was in her son's room and was chocolate brown. I love this crib and although she gave the option to get a new one if it was a girl, I knew this one had not yet seen the end of the road (it is also special to me as it was my daughter's crib that they got when they found out they were having twins and needed two cribs the first time around)! So I had the lady that painted my other client's china cabinet come and match the crib paint to the new dresser I got for the room! 
We also used a gold paint to highlight some of the details on the crib! You know how I love gold and gray together! They are a perfect combo!
I know you saw the little peek of pom pom garland above! I used a whole bunch of these as a sort of new age crib mobile. I love these for a party or for decor and they have gained much popularity in all the colors and patterns you can get now. I tried to marry all the shades of coral and gray in one happy cluster to pull everything together in the room. These were fun, but a tad time consuming as each one comes flat and it's assembly required on these babies! 
 As to not take away from the drama of the cluster of poms I hung a semi-flush mount light in the center of the room. With me it is usually the bigger the better on the chandelier but this light was very well priced at under $150 and it made the perfect statement... fancy and sophisticated but not fighting to be the center of attention! 
To the right of the crib sits a rocking chair that she already had. It is a darker gray fabric so that is partly why I chose to do the crib and dresser in light gray as to draw attention away from the chair color which was intended to go with a whole other nursery decor and to make it feel like it was chosen for the room from the start. When you are playing up the colors in the room and playing up pattern, best to only let some accent pieces be in color and the bigger pieces more neutral. In my opinion, that is! 

This little wicker table is a antique shop find and was only $30 so I used the green to have it sprayed. We had little space so the table had to be small and delicate looking with just enough space to sit a bottle. 
Here is the table in its "before" state! Needed a tad of color!
Also found at the antique place was this little rocker! Can I get an "awww"?!? That's what I did when I saw it! I was like "that is so stinking cute, I wish my kids were little enough for it..." then I was like "wait I'm doing a nursery here"!! If you don't know me I'm a stitch absent minded and this makes perfect sense! 
OK well now you have seen the curtain panels. Probably my most favorite thing in the nursery and where most of the inspiration came from. These mint colored marvels were the ones when I spotted them. The color is even more gorgeous in person! The ruffles are perfectly frayed. The only problem was they are linen and slightly sheer... Although there are wood blinds on the windows my client's request was darkening panels!! What to do?! Well, I will tell you! I decided to do a double rod and do the reverse of logic. Hang the "sheers" up front and a blackout panel in the back! I almost died when I found a white blackout panel with a ruffle edge to stick out on the sides!! These are the kind of things we dream of people! And by "we" I mean, me! 
Anyway, on we go and then I will show you it all together!! For the dresser my client wanted function too. Now I am all about using and painting vintage dressers in kids rooms! You know this to be true! However, with the old comes the limited functionality (e.g., drawers not as smooth and spacious etc.). When it comes to Rachel (I don't usually mention the client by name but she won't mind me razzing her a bit) you don't mess with the function! She had made mention of liking the drawer sizes on this Pottery Barn one I landed on. Of course, I couldn't let PB win, I had to change it a little to make it look more vintage:) 

Here is it as it was...
A few decorative knobs on top...
We probably need to change the hardware color too... Gold, of course!
And done!
The mirror wicker scroll mirror above the dresser was painted to match the rocking chair and some decorative accents for the dresser. I loved this lamp as it matched the ceiling light perfectly and I got to have my "chandelier" looking fix with it! 
Lastly I found a cute book about what little girls are made of and had the idea to fill several frames with pages from the books to do a corner gallery wall above the rocker. I went to Hobby Lobby, picked out frames that were 50% off (as they almost always are at Hobby Lobby). Then if you pick their frames then they will do the labor for free so you just have to pay for the mats to be cut! I chose a soft gray mat and gold frames. Go figure...right?! Since they are glass frames I never had a good picture up close without a glare so I am posting these before ones in hope you can read the little print on them!
Here is the best I could do on a close up with all the glare... I know, the room looks yellow and you can't read them but hey, I tried on these limited photography skills!

OK so I think I covered it all! You ready to see some final pictures?! And of course I couldn't help but to do a before and after of the main wall view:)!
Congratulations to Team T on baby Quinn! What a fun and exciting project this has been! I'm kinda sad to have it all over with! I guess I need another baby's room to do!! Who's next? It can't be me....that ship has sailed...so so far away:)! 



  1. The room is beautiful but in my state of Mn bumper pads are not allowed anymore for day cares or foster homes due to the suffocation hazard. I was surprised to see them this morning

    1. That is interesting! I haven't heard of that here.There is no law that bans them in this state that I know of and I would imagine that if there were a conclusive link between bumpers and SIDS that they would have banned them online through all the big baby retailers like Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, Babies R US etc. However you are right, better to be safe then sorry and I know that my client used her bumpers last time around only after the child was older. The thing I like about the bumper I got for her from "Caden Lane" is that it is 4 separate pieces. I used only the two on the sides and they are very easy to remove for when the child sleeps if she decides to use them only as decoration. Thanks for your comment!

  2. What a run idea to have a 'secret nursery!' The fabrics are amazing. I bet your friend was beyond thrilled. Great work!

  3. it is adorable!!!! i am in love with those curtains- in LOVE!

  4. You did such an amazing job. You can tell that so much thought went into every detail, the color scheme is so unexpected and perfect! I'm sure your friend was thrilled with the room, it's gorgeous!

  5. Seriously so beautiful, Laura! The colors, the fabrics, I love every single detail.

  6. I love the pops of orange, what a fabulous nursery for a little girl. Every detail is perfect.

  7. Love the colors. Such a pretty room

  8. I love how it turned out, so adorable! What a fun project!

  9. So beautiful!!! Make sure you upload it to our Project Nursery gallery!!! xo

    1. Thank you Mallory and yes I will for sure:)

  10. so exciting!! I love it all! The colors are so different and this is one of my favorite things. I really like the palette. Also...the curtains are to die for. Beautiful job!!

  11. This room is amazing. I love everything and I mean everything. You put so much love into this space with all of the little details that make the nursery extra special!

  12. Such a pretty space!! All those little details add up make a darling room!

  13. This nursery is beautiful! I'm curious where you found the chandelier lamp on the dresser. I've been looking for something similar to that but haven't been successful. Appreciate the help.

  14. I love this SO much!!!! Great job Laura!

  15. Hi There!

    The nursery is beautiful-- great job!! Do you happen to remember where you purchased the rug from? It's the perfect blue for pairing with coral and mint!


  16. Where did you find those adorable curtains?


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