Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Client E Design - Old World Study

My newest client is looking to transform an 11'x13' room into a cozy, old-world style den for her husband. He needs a place to quietly do paperwork and dictation and she wants the space to be distinctively his with a traditional, masculine feel. 

Here is the basic layout of the room and general furniture placement. The alcove on the right of the layout (#13) is a 21"x54" open nook - perfect for built-ins.

Item #12 - Window; Item #15 - Entry Door; Item #14 - Closet with Door

Here is the first design for the main desk area. The room is not huge, but it does have a tray ceiling which gives it good height. I stayed away from using large, bulky furniture so that the room has good movement. I am recommending she highlight the room's height by using two paint colors. 

 Pottery Barn Clerk's Cabinet

Two of the Clerk's Cabinets make a nice storage credenza along the back wall. They are only 18" deep, so they are functional without over-powering the room.

Since my client wants to go darker on the walls for the old-world feel, I kept the color of the drapery light with a dark trim. 

Custom Drapery

Here are two ways to highlight the height of the ceiling with paint.   

I really like how dramatic this room looks with the dark walls and upper ceiling. 

The second furniture option ahs a similar writing desk but with matching file cabinets.  

I love the over-dyed rugs - they have a traditional pattern with more modern color palette. 

I also like the bolder pattern of the Navarre Rug with this design.

For the reading nook, she currently has a brown leather club chair with nailhead trim that is in great shape and would work perfectly in the room. I added a narrow table that will go against the wall, lighting and a foot stool for comfort and/or optional seating.

I also paid a little homage to their alma mater with wall letters and framed vintage postcards of the campus. The ikea table in the design could also be set up as a bar cart. 

Ballard Design X-Bench in Athena Black

Dwell Studio/Robert Allen Vintage Plume

And here is a second seating option if they decide not to use their existing club chair. I think the nailhead trim and high wingback style of this chair pays homage to the old-world style without being too stuffy. 

The last area of the room is the wall on the right side of the layout where the alcove is located. As I mentioned before, the alcove would be perfect with built-in shelves for printers, books or memorabilia. My client would also like to frame black and white photographs of their college campus. The wall between the alcove (#13) and the entry door (#15) is a great space for a gallery of photographs.

I hope to share results of this old-world oasis with you all soon!



  1. This is so amazing. I love love love it all!! GREAT job. They are going to have the hardest time selecting... by the way where did you find your floor plan software online? and you need to to teach me how to put one of those boards together you are so good at it... do you use photoshop or olioboard?

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    2. Stephanie, I just private messaged you the information! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Can't wait the results. You did a fantastic job putting this together.

  3. Ohhh, love everything you pulled together! I can't wait to see!

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  5. Replies
    1. Yes! I agree. Traditional with a modern edge


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