Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My DIY Vintage Crate Headboard, Big Boy Room Update

The poor third child! When we found out I was pregnant our middle child was only 8 months old and we had just moved into a house with just two kid's rooms and a guest room. Vince's crib was thrown into the guest room in the corner of his "nursery". And so the 3rd born story goes, when he moved into his big boy bed I had every intention of finding a headboard, the last 2 years, for his modern platform bed we scored for a steal. Poor thing kept even asking me for the last year when he was going to get a cool headboard! My kids are weirdly into design- they appreciate it when its good, they always suggest things and they look forward to changing things up. Pretty much I have created 3 mini monsters for my poor husband to add fuel to my fire:) 

So several months ago I found these huge vintage bulb crates that were in great condition at the antique place. It was too easy to pass up. These crates were large enough that I would only need 4 and they had some depth to them which is what I needed to fill the space between his mattress and the wall. It was like one of those moments where the stars align. No huge DIY strategy and complicated tools needed, just a vision! So without further ado....

So as I mentioned they are boxes so we just cleaned them really well and then hung them like picture frames! At $15.00 a box, this was a huge value for a headboard and not a lot of blood sweat and tears! Here are some pictures of D hanging them. He's always asking when he's gonna make his big depute! Here it is D! You can't tell but Vince (to the left) has a big smile on his little face:) 
I already had a lot of the accessories for Vince's room as I knew I wanted his headboard to have some kind of reclaimed look. I got the animal heads at Z Gallerie almost 2 years ago but they still have them! You may recognize those red Nate Berkus for Target mirrors. I also bought those at least a year ago when they discounted them to $17 a piece! I love these mirrors! They are made so well and they are some kind of resin rather than painted so I think they will hold up well. The side tables are also Target and I believe they still have them on sale in some stores but not online:( The little owl lamps and burlap shades are from World Market. And the cute little owl rug was one I could not pass up as it was a steal from Pier 1 Imports and I love the colors. You can't tell from the pics but the owl's eyes are little pieces of amber color jewel! He will most likely outgrow this but it was used in front of his crib before we transitioned his room and he can use it a tad longer as he's just 5, right?!
Can you see that awesome chandelier in the mirror background?!? That is one of my most favorite lights I have in my house! And the best part, you can pick it up at Lowes by Allen + Roth Lighting! There are A LOT of pricey versions of this style of light and this one is made well and is a good size at 18 inches too! I think it goes perfect in a boy's bedroom!
The dresser in the next photo is an oldie but goodie but sadly on it's way out:( It was a flee market find and it was the first thing I bought when we started filling out our paperwork to adopt our oldest! I was so excited and even though I knew we were going for a boy and it was a tad girly (it was also originally painted off white in his room) I loved it for a baby. I painted it this teal color for Vince's nursery/guest bedroom and it is still hanging out in there but he is in need of a bigger more functional one soon! I'm thinking of redoing our dresser for him and getting new in our master. We shall see...
The bedding is a mix matched situation which is my most favorite look for a kid's room. I love using grown up bedding with fun patterns rather than kid bedding with too much of the theme going on in the bedding itself. It gives a more collected look and also is a much easier transition though their many phases. I am planning to go even more this direction with my oldest sons next bedding as we enter the much dreaded poster phase... Lord help me! You may recognize the red and white star coverlet and shams which are actually from my oldest son's room which we are also phasing out of the cowboy theme... so sad, but glad we can recycle it in Vince's room... yet another plague of the youngest!
 The chevron duvet cover is from West Elm and was purchased a couple years back but they still have it too. The green leaf sheet set and the yellow star shams are from Garnet Hill. If you have never looked at their sheet sets before they have the cutest mix of patterns that can be easily used with lots of different bedding looks. You have got to check them out when they come out with their seasonal stuff as they have the cutest winter/holiday sheet sets and if ever I have a lake cottage which is most likely a no, they have the cutest "lake cottage" sheets sets. They are also insanely comfortable and wash well! The hand painted tree pillow and the burlap and red and white stripe decorative pillows are all Etsy finds! Every room needs a little Etsy and if you have been following along with me long enough you know I strongly believe that! 
So there you have it! Still have lots to fill in as this room transitions. I would like to decide on the dresser for him. Do some sconce barn lights (which I already have) and a new bookcase and maybe some kind of upholstered reading chair. I still love the solid white drape panels in his room but am ready for a change for these as well. Stay tuned...
I will be taking a hiatus from my own projects for a bit. We are off on spring vaca fun soon and if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you know I just found out the sex of my friend's baby so I can plan a top secret nursery for them to come home to! She is due in like 7 weeks so I will be thinking nonstop either pink or blue (I can't tell you which) for the next several weeks. It was defiantly strange to open someone's ultrasound results and then not get excited with anyone... LOL! Now I have to avoid them for this time so I don't blurt it out! 
Cheers!! Happy Spring & April Fools Day!


  1. oh wow! that room is awesome and LOVE the headboard! what a great marriage of vintage and modern!

    1. Thank you lady:) I always love having your nice comments:)

  2. Does it have to be a big boy room because I for sure would love it too ;) such a great idea and look

    1. Thanks Julia:) once a guest room always a guest room:)

  3. I'm with Julia! Ha! I love how the room turned out!! That headboard is phenomenal!

  4. What a great headboard!! I also really like the layered bedding and cant wait to see the barn sconces up!

    Kelly from www.lifeonbirchst.com

  5. I love the headboard! Amazing look for little $!! The animal touches are super cute, but also grown up as well... they will be easily changed out as he gets older!

  6. what a neat idea! Love all the texture, color, and pattern!

  7. I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this, we were on spring break last week! I love your sons room, I love that it was collected over time and not so matchy matchy it is sooo darn good!! That headboard is so awesome!! This is a great transitional space for your son!! I hope you had a fun vacation!!

  8. I came across your blog from Thrifty Decor Chick. I just wanted to quickly say how much I absolutely LOVE this room. (Along with all of the other rooms that I have seen as I've browsed around!) This headboard is fantastic!!

  9. Good Blog with Fantastic variety of Kilts and other necessaries. Keep continue such kind of efforts.


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