Thursday, March 27, 2014

Man Cave Makeover!

Are you scared? When I was researching ideas for making over my man's cave (or "den" as we most often refer to it), I came across some extreme and funny examples of what some men want!

Ok, this one may have merit! After two boys I know the importance of good aim!

Yep, that's a cooler in the coffee table.

It turns out that googling "man cave" for den ideas is not a particularly good idea! But our den has historically been a more masculine room in our home and even though we all use it, it will continue to house the more masculine artifacts of my husband's life. . . pheasants, golf trophies, autographed sports memorabilia, etc. We have primarily used it as our library/ home computer area, but have decided to make it into a second TV room. 

Unfortunately I didn't take any "before" pictures, but here is a picture of it's current state. 

Pretty spartan. We moved a leather club chair and ottoman to the lake and an antique writer's desk is now my oldest son's bedroom desk (previous post). After two parties I can tell you that an empty den makes a great coat room! But I think we're ready to put it to better use again!

My plan is to keep the saffron yellow on the walls, trim and french doors. We've hung a TV and moved a rust-colored antique console table under it (we had the table). The book shelf will be removed or updated and I'm on the hunt for two chaise lounges. 

Here is my inspiration: 

I love how cozy the double chaises make a smaller room. They are the perfect TV watching, book reading furniture.

Here is the design board for my den:

And here is the design with a rug-over-carpet option. I would go with a pinstripe blue that picks up the ceiling color. 

I'll give the room a boost of color with a blue ceiling and accessories, and pops of rust and red tones from the console table. I already have the West Elm medallion drapes pictured. And I love the World Market chandelier. I have been looking for a place to use this light!  

And so the hunt for our new cave begins! {Erin}


  1. OMG the cooler in the coffee table needs a towel under it. Geesh! Men!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. I know! The towel made me laugh too. I'd say that is a DIY gone wrong!!

  2. Love the mood board, can't wait to see it evolve. Hugs, Marty

  3. oooh green turf. so doing that in my bedroom. maybe even add a little putting area for chris.

  4. Well to each his or her own! Ha! If someone can make fake grass stylish it's you!!


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