Monday, March 10, 2014

Client Basement Makeover

I recently had a client SOS call for a basement makeover. They have a long, but somewhat narrow basement that has been used primarily as an additional TV/game room for their kids and maybe a bit of a storage area for furniture past! Here is a look at our starting point.

The dumpster is coming and the makeover is underway! The only item that stays is the pool table. And she would like to keep the blue/gray wall color, which is light and bright and very neutral.  We are planning to separate the room into three distinct areas: pool room, living room/ TV area and bar/lounge area. We found and ordered a large sectional for the living area. Here are the preliminary plans and color palette.

Or possibly with a bolder coral rug.

Since the walls are blue/gray, we went with a gray sectional with plenty of seating and a chaise. For accents, I played up the blues with navy and added a pop of color with oranges and corals. An option for the slipper chairs would be a swivel chair. This would make it easy to watch TV or swivel towards the pool table.

The TV will be located directly across the room from the sectional. Luckily they have an under-the-steps closet located directly behind their TV wall, so we are able to house the cable box, gaming units, DVD player, etc. out of sight using wifi connections. This allows us to do an open console table under the TV with storage ottomans or storage baskets for blankets, etc.

For the pool table area, we are defining the space with a rug and light. And we are adding a bar height counter area (in reclaimed wood) and bar height stools. I also found vintage replica game boards as decor. 

The last section of the basement will be a bar/lounge area. My client does not want to do a lot of entertaining in the basement, but does want a bar for beverages. We are looking at a flush wall bar with fun lighting.

And for seating options, I came up with four variations. 

Option 1 and 4 would be regular table height. Option 2 is bar height for easier TV viewing and conversation with the living space. And option 3 is more of a lounge approach with a cocktail height table and comfortable high back chairs. 

I can't wait to share the final room renovations! Stay tuned. {Erin}


  1. Love where this is heading and I have to say I'm stingily gravitating towards the orange striped rug. Love it!

  2. Thanks Julia. That is my favorite option too!

  3. By the looks of this basement, a makeover is indeed what it needs to maximize every space and be more functional for both kids and adults. How is it, btw? With all your ideas, there’s no doubt that it will turn out organized and very comfy.

    David Larkin @ DAL Builders

  4. You totally have all the right ideas panned out. Going for a bolder look with a coral rug is brilliant. It'll stand out perfectly amongst all that blue. Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions


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