Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Feature on "Thrifty Decor Chick"...Boom!

If you didn't catch our Facebook & Instagram post on Friday, we had a pretty great start to the weekend when Sarah from Thrify Decor Chick featured our little ol blog on her BIG ol blog! If you don't know Sarah's blog you may need to crawl out from under the rock and go check it out! She is famous for her fabulous DIY skillz! She is funny and you can tell her background is in writing as she has a way of making all her posts fun to read! Check out a couple of my favorite home transformations in her space! She is amazing and proves you do not have to spend a ton of money to have a home that is full of character and has all the details that make a house a home. 

I love the drama she created in her bedroom with this moody gray color and the trim work she DIY'd with 13 pieces of mdf she got for $80 from Lowe's!
 This next project is genius as she used kitchen cabinets to add storage and organization to her closet! This for sure beats the cost of a closet company coming in to build out your closet! You have got to go over and see the before pics of this project! Love the chandy in there too! Every girl needs a feminine touch in the space where they get ready, right?
Love this idea she completed from an old closet space in her little guy's room! So stinking cute and a great cozy use of the space!

 This next project you have to go read about as the details and planning were executed so well! They turned their unused dining room into a library space and built in this entire library wall! Love!
And of course she details step by step some awesome tips for styling a build in bookcase! Amazing! I'm sure you are catching my drift on how great she is and probably wondering the same thing as we were...."how did she find your blog?!?" Lol! We are still peeling ourselves off the ceiling today!:)
So what's coming up?! I am knee deep in nursery planning for my secret nursery! If you didn't catch the post a couple weeks back I am designing a nursery behind closed doors in a friend's house for their new baby! I'm the ONLY one who knows the sex of the baby so am so excited to be sneaking around and sneaking in and out of their house to start my install! I would show you some teasers as I always like to but I have not one item that I could show you that would not blow the surprise! It's gonna be good though and I can't wait for the big reveal in a few weeks. 

This weekend I got my two thrift store chairs sprayed and now I just need to reupholster them, get the rug and coffee table for in there and I am DONE with my front room project! Twas great spray painting weather this weekend.. finally! And back to rain today:( booooo
If you are a new follower you can read more about this 
L-O-N-G front room and dining room overhaul in this post! And by the way, thanks to all our new followers this weekend! We were blowing up over here with all the love and hope you enjoy the blog! And here are some pictures to refresh you memory on where we are at to date! 
I got my table for the dining room which joins this front room and I LOVE it! Not ready to give the full reveal but wanted to show off the progress. I got my mom's old art deco chairs back with the new black & white fabric I picked out! What a difference from the pink fabric that was on them offense mom! 
In spirit of the pink I thought I would add a punch of pink to the table with some linens I found this weekend. I know that these rooms started with the idea of being black & white and simple but you cannot hold a color girl like me down! The black and white plates I found on the super cheap at Ikea and the gold chargers were $2.99 a piece from World Market. 
  I'm now thinking of trying my luck at some rub and buff on some sets of inexpensive utensils (for table display purposes only, of course). I just can't bite on the West Elm ones yet as they are still like $30 per setting! Ugh... 
 I also am collecting these Crate & Barrel limited edition mugs that were designed by a personal friend and old co worker of mine, Penelope Dullaghan. She is an amazing artist and what a HUGE honor for her to have her design and her portfolio featured in Crate & Barrel and plus it was like they were designed for this room! Wouldn't you agree, that they match perfectly?! 
I also got my flowers started this weekend. And by started I mean they are literally just laying in the boxes in original containers waiting to be planted as I do this post instead:)! I like the aesthetics of landscaping and the color that plantings can bring to your home but I am the black thumb of death and generally just very uncreative when it comes to landscape! 
 My daughter and I spotted this diamond below! It was all alone among a bunch of hanging plants with lots of great color but I loved the look of this plant, the variety of which I have no clue! I love how unique looking the leaves are! Don't you agree?!
 And bonus if you look real close it does in fact have some color in these tiny little pink flowers! So cool! 
Hope you all have a great week! The hubs and I are headed to sunny Tampa with my sisters and their husbands (let the wine floweth...) to watch our soon to be step sister get hitched! Congrats to Meredith & Travis! Whoop whoop!

Cheers! {Laura}


  1. Target has some gold flatware too now but they are still expensive. I think Ikea should step up and finally come out with a version, don't you think so?
    Congrats on the feature.

    1. I do!! I am actually surprised they have not! I'll try the rub and buff, for looks!:) Thanks!

  2. Love those Art Deco chairs. Hey it looks like you and I have the same flooring. Is is Maple, with a hand scraped look? Are you happy with them? I kind of wish I went with a less orange looking color. However, I have a lot of warm tones in my house so I was reluctant to go with a colder brown color.

    1. Yes they are maple hand scraped and I love them, especially with dog and kids!! Mine are actually kinda reddish brown

  3. Congrats on the feature!!! And I'm with Julia...come on Ikea! ;)

  4. Congrats on the feature! I'm so excited to see that nursery, what a fun project!

    1. Thanks! Yes it's almost done! Baby is due next week! Better hurry up:)


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