Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Lord! I need a religious gift!!

My best friend's sweet baby boy was baptized this weekend in Atlanta and I am his Godmother! Leading up to my trip I was brainstorming what would be a unique and special gift. I had given the cross jewelry and the growth chart and have seen the ceramic crosses online and many many keepsake boxes and silver spoons but wanted to give something that would coordinate well with his nursery and also be special enough for the occasion. 

I found a shop on Etsy selling prints of cute sayings and some religious prayers, typed out in modern, fun lettering. It just so happened that one of the sweet little religious prayers had a pop of color in it that matched his nursery color scheme!

I will go through how I customized the frame but this is how it turned out!

I needed a shadow box frame because I wanted to display a gold nameplate with the date of his baptism and some decorative felt and burlap stickers I found in the colors of the lettering. I could only find a white one so I decided to spray it black since I knew he had other black frames in his room. 

These nameplates or bookplates as they are officially called are the best! They come in gold and silver and in two sizes. Martha Stewart thinks of everything because these come with a self adhesive backing so that you don't have to use the tiny screws in the corners like the old bookplates used to have. 

Then I had the idea to use some of my leftover gold spray paint to do a design on the mat. Since the print was primarily white I thought it would add some dimension and color to it. I thought about polka dots but thought the diagonal stripes would grow better with his room. 

Basically I ran a diagonal stripe of painters tape starting from corner to corner than went out taping strips every inch from the center. 

These little felt and burlap stickers were from Michael's and fit the color scheme and theme perfectly!

 And here it is again as the final product!

 This the man of honor getting ready for his big day! 

Thanks Melissa & Greg for a great weekend and for allowing me to have a special part in Lucas's life! I will do my best to make sure he never catches wind of old stories of his momma and daddy:)!! jk. Love you both! xoxo

Enjoy & Cheers! {Laura}


  1. This is such a pretty and special gift. I love it!

  2. Laura- what a great idea! I love that prayer too... used to say it right before bed as a little girl.:)

    1. Hi Stephanie! Yes it is one of my favorites!! Thanks!

  3. Well Lucas obviously has the right Godmother! What a special personalized gift. Very creative.


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