Monday, June 17, 2013

Good things come to those who wait...

Hi all! It has been a busy couple weeks for our crew. My last post, the shadowbox frame, from last Monday was coming off a trip to Atlanta. Yesterday we got back from Wisconsin from a long weekend with family. We had a great time in the "land of cheese" & cranberries, who knew. I ate a cranberry soaked in moonshine that I think gave me an insta-buzz! We bon fired, water parked, wined and ate lots of great food! The kids and I are home one day (long enough to wash our undies and write this post) and then we are off to Clear Lake to "lake it" for a week with my sister and her boys. Erin and I have taken our 5 kids to the lake for three summers running. Yes, we are the ragged looking girls on the pontoon (a floating play pin of sorts) with enough wine, goldfish and kids to sink it! I will admit, more fun as the kids have gotten older and our supervision a tad less taxing:) Follow me on Instagram if you want to see some of this madness unravel...

Some Exciting news for House Envy....

Tomorrow House Envy will be featured on a very cool blog! I am excited to share the details with you tomorrow!! Yay, first official feature!! A BD in the land of blogging!

This week My sister and I will be working on some formatting details on the site to get it ready to introduce her as my co-blogger on House Envy!! Erin and I have very similar taste but just different enough that it will introduce a wider spectrum of design and of course more projects and DIY than I could handle on my own! She is an awesome DIY'er with skills of sewing & upholstering that one up me for sure! Erin has an eclectic style and I'm excited to show off some of her awesome projects. Now, with all this said have mercy on the two of us who share a common genetic dumbness for social media and technology in general:)

Here is a sneak peek at her style and some cool spaces in her house... I "sneak photoed" them while I was at her house last before I had officially convinced her she needed to be blogging with me!! hehee!!

Below: A cool DIY in the making. Stay tuned for details in one of her debut posts!!

Uh this was her first upholstery project, completely winging it... She would tell you it's not that good and I am here to tell you that it for sure is! 

And of course you remember when I featured a couple of her paint projects on my post Painting Trim Details & Fun Patterns 

Also Coming up after our break I am so excited to be revealing a very fun and exciting client's good friend's kitchen makeover. You may recall when I was considering fabric for Jenni's kitchen. Well she decided on a few in this big mess and we painted and accessorized and it looks amazing. It will go to show what a difference color can make against cabinet detail. And how much more finished a wall of windows can look with window treatments! So excited for this reveal. 

Also if you follow me on Instagram  you may have already seen this mid century modern sewing desk that I found on a roadside rescue mission. It was FREE!! I have purchased some chalk paint to give all the buzz about this paint a try. Stay tuned for this reveal too!! It is going to be made into a desk for my son's room. He has had a desk chair forever waiting for the perfect desk to pair it with! Just in time for all rumors of the dreaded 3rd grade homework! Lord, help us all!

Hope you all are having an amazing summer and getting out there and makin some memories!:) See you back in a week!!

Cheers! {Laura & now... Erin}


  1. I want to tell you that you are "my kind a girl" we would get along just fine at the lake LOL. We have been doing a lake vacation every year for 16 years and it't the bomb. But I have yet to try a cranberry soaked in moonshine.
    Can't wait to meet your sister and I looooove the upholstered chair!! It is awesome!

    1. Well you need to try the cranberries!! That's funny! Yes we may be kindred spirits!

  2. I am so excited to see what your sister has up her sleeve! Super great house she has! With two great ladies on the blog you guys are going to be crazy popular!

  3. Sooooooo excited about your sis joining the blog!!! Congrats on your feature!


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