Thursday, January 22, 2015

Put your color where your couch is.

For most of us, the couch is the crown jewel of the living room. It is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room and the starting point for the rest of our furniture choices. Furniture stores are notorious for selling living room sets. Nine times out of ten the couch is presented as the strong silent type in beige, gray, cream or some neutral in between and the accent chairs get to have all the fun with color and pattern. 

I'm in search of a new couch for our living room and I have been inspired by this colorful cast of couch role models.  Here are 5 ways I've found to add bold colored couches to your living room. 

#1. Neutral white walls. One of the easiest ways to add a bold colored couch to a room is to start with white walls. Here, the harmonious hues of green and violet take center stage against the black and white walls. 

The blue couch and green ottoman draw your eye down in this high ceiling, neutral room. 

This jewel-tone couch is matched in color power by the navy chair and bold design rug. 

Yellow done three ways.  Here, a bright yellow couch against architecturally interesting white walls. 

#2. The other neutrals - Gray and Black. This mustard yellow couch is paired with complementary color fuchsia and pops against this charcoal neutral wall. 

These rooms use the bold neutral black as a backdrop for bold hues. This gold couch is set off against a black neutral wall. 

#3. Harmonious Hues. Another way to work with bold hues is to work within the same harmonious color scheme. In these next four rooms, the couch and contrasting wall colors are pulled from the same side of the color wheel and create a nice harmonious color balance. 

#4. Monochromatic moods. These rooms use the same color walls and couch or variations of the same color to create a cohesive color impact.

#5. Power play. These rooms use two saturated colors for balance. These bold colored couches don't overwhelm the rooms because they are balanced with equally saturated wall colors.    

There are so many ways to make your couch a main character in the living room. So put your color where your couch is and go bold!

Happy hunting! {Erin}


  1. I've been so drawn to bold colored couches lately but it's so so hard to find affordable and stylish ones. Love your inspirations

  2. Me encanta el sofá rojo con la pared azul!! He disfrutado mucho con las fotos y de sus consejos. 


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