Friday, November 1, 2013

Ski resort for fall break, hold the snow.

After five hours in the car, two potty stops and 1,000 goldfish (50% of which were smashed up into crumbs on the car floor!) we arrived at Boyne Mountain Ski Resort in Boyne Falls, MI.  Fall Break: Ski Resort? I'm a bit of a newbie to the idea of pilgrimaging to Northern Michigan at any time except the heat of summer or when the snow is actually falling, but Boyne Mountain advertises itself as an all-season resort so we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly. . . ah, I mean Boyne. Anyway, the resort didn't disappoint! It turned out to the be the perfect fall break family getaway (with a few added perks for the adults as well)! 

Since we went last weekend, the resort's family itinerary was packed with Halloween festivities in addition to their normal fall menu of activities. The kids enjoyed face painting, pumpkin decorating, a balloon artist (not sure if that really qualifies as an "artist" but I sure can't make a dog from a balloon), a juggling pirate, family movie night, spooky story time and trick or treating around the resort village. Yes, this includes bars because in Michigan kids can go into bars if food is served. Soooo, this is one of those adult perks I was talking about. Kids get candy. You can get a drink! Booya!

The main activity though that is included with your stay is the indoor Avalanche Bay Waterpark. It is a very nice and clean indoor park with slides and pools to suite all ages. 

image via: Boyne Mountain Resort, Avalanche Bay
There are also bike trails around the grounds, horseback riding, scenic chair lift rides (again, to a bar at the top of the mountain) and a a bonfire with s'mores every night. 

For the more adventurous at heart, there is a 10-run zip line through the various mountains. And if the height and speed aren't enough for you, they haunt if for Halloween.

There is even a Kids Adventure Camp that you can utilize by the hour, full or half day in case you want to fit in the spa or shopping! The village offers several shops and restaurants all within a short walk. I even scored some new fall Lole and Prana duds.

Now, to my disappointment, there were no fox trot lessons, no shuffle board tournaments and no choreographed dance number at the end of the weekend by the staff. Buuut, no one called me Baby or put me in a corner either, so I guess I'm going to let those things slip. 

Two Thumbs Up! {Erin}

(Boyne Mountain has no affiliation with this post or influence with the opinions expressed.)


  1. Looks like a great time. And that's my kinda Halloween where kids get candy and parents drinks but we do that in our neighborhood already LOL.

    1. Yes! That is my kind of trick or treating too! Sounds like we have the same kind of neighbors!!

  2. what a great place! Fun for everyone! There is a similar place around here too that I heard is fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. How fun! That water park is something my kids would love. Have a great time!

  4. it look unusual, i like it so much and i love your exclusive ideas


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